How To Fix FUT Champions Player Picks Bug In FIFA 22?

Read this guide to learn how you can fix the FUT Champs Player Picks bug in FIFA 22.

Players of FIFA 22 have recently come across a rather weird bug in the Champions Player Picks event in FUT. Because of this error, users have noticed that players that are a part of this event are now available on the transfer market. This means that the said player’s Player Picks card is available to buy and sell. This is odd considering that such cards do not make it into the transfer market at all, meaning you cannot sell them. In this guide, we will show you the possible fixes for the issue.

FIFA 22 FUT Player Picks Bug Fix

fifa 22 fut champions player picks bug

Reload FIFA 22 to Fix Player Picks Bug

The first step you can take to check if this bug is exclusive to your copy of FIFA 22 is to simply relaunch the game. Once you do so, just head back into FUT and then check to see if Champions Player Picks are still available in the Ultimate Team transfer market. If the issue still persists, check out the rest of the solutions in this guide.

Check for Updates

It is possible that this error may occur because of a pending update. You can visit the FIFA 22 page of your gaming platform’s respective stores in order to check if there are any available updates. If you do see any updates, simply let the game update. Once it does, go check if the Champ Player Picks bug still exists.

Check EA Sport’s Twitter to Fix Player Picks Bug

Fortunately, EA Sports have released a statement that acknowledges the presence of a bug in the Champs Player Picks feature. For now, these player rewards have been taken off the game until the issue is fixed. If you are one of those that was affected by the bug, you need not worry. This is because EA will make sure you receive your rewards as soon as the issue is successfully taken care of.

For more updates and news, you can check out EA Sport’s FIFA Direct Communication Twitter page.

These were all of the possible fixes for the FUT Champions Player Picks Bug in FIFA 22. As you can see, since the issue is most likely a result of an issue from the end of the developers, you will have to wait for them to sort it out.

Until you receive a fix, check out how to check FIFA 22 Server Status.