FIFA 22 Maintenance Times: How To Check FIFA 22 Server Status

Are FIFA 22 servers down? Is it an outage or maintenance? Here's how to check.

Picture this. You, a loyal FIFA fan, are hyped to jump into a match after a long day of work. But, something unfortunate happens and you are unable to log into your game. Or worse, you were already mid-game and it starts to lag and you have connection issues. Well, that means EA’s servers are undergoing problems or updates – it could be an outage or maintenance period. So, here’s how to check FIFA 22 maintenance times and FUT server status.

FIFA 22 FUT Server Status – How to Check Maintenance Times?

FIFA 22 server status check

To check FIFA 22’s server status on various platforms, head to the official FIFA 22 server status page. This is where you will find if the game is working on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5.

Players can also visit which is a trusted site that informs players of any current and past outages.

PS4 players can head to From the PSN service status page, you will be able to check if account management, store, gaming and social services are up and running or down.

Xbox players can visit the Xbox Status page to see if FIFA is encountering server issues. There will be a status related to any outage, which consoles it applies to and a resolution. You can also check whether the other operational services are up and running.

Apart from these sources, you can check the official Twitter account of FIFA direct communication. It provides game updates from the developers as well as FIFA 22 maintenance times information. Make sure to follow them and turn on notifications to get first-hand info as it happens.

Lastly, head over to Twitter or Subreddits on Reddit to see what the community is talking about the outage period.

FIFA 22 Servers Down

are FIFA 22 servers down for maintenance

What to do when servers are down? There’s nothing you can do from your end but rest assured that EA is already working on fixing it. In such a scenario, you can go ahead and play the other modes of the game which don’t require online access like Career Mode. Also, make sure that your internet connection is working smoothly at your end. Restart your router and check just in case the problems are from your side. But if not, all you can do is wait for the servers to be back up and online.

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