How To Play Meet Your Maker With Friends (Co-op Guide)

Karan Pahuja
3 Min Read

Meet Your Maker is a fun game on its own but it gets even better when you play it multiplayer with friends. This allows you to raid outposts together with one of your friends. But the process to invite them isn’t exactly easy for everyone. So here is a quick Multiplayer guide on Co-op raiding in this game.

How to Play Meet Your Maker with Friends

how to play meet your maker with friends
Image Credit: Co-Op Comedy on YouTube

You can invite your friends to your party from the same platform to play with them. This game allows two players to play together. Both players will first have to complete the tutorial raids. Once that is done, invite them to your Party from your friends list.

PlayStation players can access the friends list by pressing R3 while Xbox players can press the Right stick on their controller. PC players can press the Y key and invite their friends from their Steam list. For now, there seems to be no option to request to join their party.

There is a catch though and that is this game doesn’t have cross-play. So PC players can only play with other PC players, and the same is applicable to PlayStation and Xbox players. But not all is bad, while you may not be able to play with your friends from other platforms, you can do raids of their bases.

How Co-op Raiding Works

When playing this game with friends you get the advantage of being able to revive each other. And while that is pretty handy, the game balances it out by making both players collect the GenMat. So only you collecting the GenMat and escaping isn’t enough. Your friend must also be able to do the same.

Another thing to note about Co-op raiding is, that friendly fire is on. So while it may be easy to revive them, you can equally easily end up killing them.

That is everything you should know about Multiplayer and Co-op Raiding in Meet Your Maker. For more things on this game check out our guides on how to move GenMat, watch replays, and activate outpost.