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How To Move GenMat In Meet Your Maker

Wondering if you can move the GenMat of your Outpost in Meet Your Maker? This guide has the answers you need.

While building their Outpost, Meet Your Maker players are unable to move the GenMat. This is an important item that raiders try to steal when raiding your base. So keeping it well hidden or out of reach is very important. But on the flip side, you should also know how to get it when playing on other’s outposts. So here is a quick guide that will help you out with both.

How to Move GenMat in Meet Your Maker

how to move genmat in meet your maker

You cannot move the GenMat of your Outpost in this game. While it may be a bummer to many players this is also something that makes building your Outpost even more interesting. Whenever you purchase an outpost, the GenMat will be in a random location. So its entrance and GenMat are always fixed.

But don’t worry that doesn’t mean it is automatically easy for raiders to loot it. You still get to remove many different blocks from this piece of land. And you can always design your base filled with Traps and Guardians to catch unsuspecting raiders off guard.

Another one of the things that you can do is change the Harvester Path. While it only follows the quickest route from the entrance to the GenMat. You can experiment around by making multiple paths and see what works best for your Outpost. Once you are all set Activate your Base.

But regardless of how you set up your base, the GenMat will always be in its fixed location.

How to Get GenMat

Just like how you cannot move it while building your outpost, the same rule is applicable to other raiders. So stealing GenMat is fair for everyone. There is no fixed method to get GenMat as you need to play cautiously when looting another player’s outpost. Some handy tricks that can make stealing GenMat are:

  • Peak corners: Don’t simply rush in, you don’t know where the enemy traps are. You could also get ambushed by guardians.
  • Use your Grappling hook: Remember that you can get out of sticky situations by timely using your grappling hook.
  • Try Not to Speedrun: While quickly grabbing the GenMat and escaping sounds like the best plan. It comes down to the first tip as you don’t know what the enemy base has in store for you.

While you cannot move the GenMat in Meet Your Maker there are plenty of other things that you can do. These are things like how to watch replays, how prestige works, and all its codes for DBD.