How To Watch Replay In Meet Your Maker

Want to see how other raiders are performing in your Outpost? You should watch their replay in Meet Your Maker.

One of the best features of Meet Your Maker is the ability to watch replays. Part of the fun in raiding outposts is dying to various traps. You can also pick up some interesting ways of using traps by checking your raids of others’ outposts. So here is how you can do that, and the things you can find when viewing them.

How to Watch Replays in Meet Your Maker

how to watch replay in meet your maker
Image Credit: Havok on YouTube

You can use the Replay Station in this game to check the replays of your raids. Or the raids of other players on your outposts. The replay station is the first thing that you can access after entering your Outpost. It is on the left side of the entrance. Press the F-key on your Keyboard to interact with it. Here you get two options:

  • Raids on My Outpost: Shows you the replays of the raiders that raided your Outpost. You also get information on their username, how many times they died, the duration taken by them to complete your base, when they played, and if they collected the GenMat.
  • My Raids: Similar to the above information you can check things like which outposts you raided. How many times you died in them, the date you raided, and more.

Do remember that these raids reset each update. So you should check them out early if you have some raid that you are proud of. Or if you found some raider looted your outpost really well.

That is all you can check when it comes to watching replays in Meet Your Maker. But if you haven’t already made a base then you should start right away and activate your outpost. And for more things on this game check out our guides on how to change Harvester Path, how Prestige works, and all MYM codes for DBD.