How To Change Harvester Path In Meet Your Maker

Karan Pahuja
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Several Meet Your Maker players are having trouble when they try to change the path of the harvester. The goal of this game is, for raiders to steal the Genetic Material from the Outpost of other players. But what if someone makes a base where it is impossible to get to the material? That is where the Harvester comes in, so here is a quick explanation of how it works.

How to Change Harvester Path in Meet You Maker

meet your maker how harvester works and change its path
Image Credit: SIMPLYAMAZING on YouTube

You can change the Harvester by putting skins on the ground. Thanks to Reddit user u/WhatTheDuess on Reddit for sharing this method. You can check their comment here. There are cosmetic props in the game that you can use on the walls. But you can also use them on the ground. A harvester will change its route when coming across one such block.

Another way to change this path is by removing any alternate routes that you have designed and making it follow only a single route. This is the best method to test your other routes. Simply disable multiple paths and test them one by one. Once you are sure all your routes to the Genetic Material work. You can re-enable the other paths and activate your Outpost.

How Harvester Works in MYM

Harvester works by following the shortest path from the base’s entrance to the Genetic Material. You can see it following a yellow trail when you are making an Outpost. This yellow trail is important as it shows you the fastest path that raiders can follow to get the Genetic Material. But when you remove a block in the path of its yellow trail, two things will happen.

The Harvester will look for the next best path and you will get another yellow trail. Or you will get a red trail indicating there is no route that the raiders can use to get to the Genetic Material. Make sure you build another path or rectify the current one. As you cannot activate your base until there is at least one path that the harvester can follow.

Once a path is proper you can then activate your Outpost as Active, Override, or Social.

With that, you should now have no troubles when changing the path of the Harvester in Meet Your Maker. For more things about this game also check our guide on All MYM Codes in Dead by Daylight.

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