How To Play Solo Challenge In Anime Last Stand

Solo challenge might be difficult compared to playing with a team but it has its rewards. If you are looking to head in solo in Anime Last Stand, this guide is all you will need.

Evolution materials are one of the most important factors in Anime Last Stand, and you can get many of them from the challenge mode. However, since getting a team on board every time is impossible, players will often have to face these challenges on their own. Clearing waves of enemies will be challenging, but if you have some of the best units in the game, it won’t be as tedious. If you are confused about playing a solo challenge in Anime Last Stand, this guide will help you further.

Anime Last Stand has many characters from different animes and manga series that you can use as a unit. While they are divided in rarity, many can win challenges for you. Since you might be heading into the solo challenge, you might want some of these units to help you clear the waves of enemies.

How to Play Solo Challenge in Anime Last Stand

How to Play Solo Challenge in Anime Last Stand
Image Source: Screenshot via Roblox

If you are to play a solo challenge in Anime Last Stand, your units must be top-tiered. That means, you will need as many Exotic Units and Celestial Units that will help you on the ground and in the air. Along with these units, you will need the best traits in the game to give them with some much-needed boost.

From our experience while playing solo, Curse King (Suppressed), Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked), and Flame Alchemist were the best ones to help you stand independently. While setting them up correctly is important, you will have to manage the cost and provide them with the necessary boost to wipe out the waves of the enemies.

That’s all you need to play a solo challenge in Anime Last Stand. If you found this guide helpful, check out more guides in our dedicated Roblox section here at Gamer Tweak.