Best Air Units In Anime Last Stand

Looking for the best Air Units in Anime Last Stand? This guide is all you will need for that.

There are numerous types of units in Anime Last Stand, all varying in rarity. The units take inspiration from characters of multiple anime and manga series, which is why there might be some familiar faces for you. Although there are many ground units, players will find the need for the best air units as they progress further. Since you need to clear out waves of enemies, they will be as useful as the ground units.

Numerous units, along with some Exotic Units, have air and ground support as well. While the units vary in rarity, many air units can hold pretty well. Since you will need the best, our guide will show you which air unit you should try to get in the game.

All Air Units in the Anime Last Stand

All Air Units in Anime Last Stand
Image Source: Screenshot via Roblox

These are all the air units in Anime Last Stand, along with their rarity:

  • Drip Lami Evo – Exotic
  • Drip Zami – Exotic
  • Gogata (Primal) – Exotic
  • Flame Alchemist – Celestial
  • Curse King (Suppressed) – Mythic
  • Curse King – Mythic
  • Jenos – Mythic
  • Uriu – Legendary
  • Boku (SS) – Legendary
  • Zami – Rare
  • Vagata – Rare

Best Air Units in Anime Last Stand

Out of all these, there are some excellent air units that you should equip if you have them in Anime Last Stand. Although upgrades are necessary, and having the correct traits will help you in the battle, these units can pull through at different game levels. Here are the best air units that you should have:

  • Curse King (Suppressed) – S Tier
  • Flame Alchemist – S Tier
  • Jenos – A Tier
  • Strongest Sorcerer – A Tier
  • Curse King – B Tier

That’s all you need to know about the best air units in Anime Last Stand. If you found this guide helpful, check out ALS Codes for some much-needed rewards and guides on our dedicated Roblox section here at Gamer Tweak.