Anime Last Stand Tier List

Looking for a Tier list that ranks all units in Anime Last Stand? This guide is all you will need to unlock and equip the very best in your team.

Anime Last Stand takes inspiration from numerous anime and manga series, and if you have checked out the units, you will see that they represent the top characters from many of these. Each of these units is divided into rarities at which they unlock, but that does not make them the best. There is undoubtedly a mismatch, considering that the Legendary units can falter against some lesser ones. So, if you need to pick a team for yourself, you will need this Anime Last Stand units tier list where we have ranked them.

If you are not an avid anime watcher but love the Roblox game, you might find some details missing that the Anime Last Stand Trello can cover. Of course, if you are playing this game, you can use the ALS Codes and claim all the gifts it offers. While the rankings in this guide are based on our experience, you might disagree. You can freely experiment in the game with every unit to fit them according to your playstyle.

Anime Last Stand Units Tier List

Anime Last Stand Units Tier List - All Units Ranked
Image Source: Screenshot via Roblox

Here’s the Anime Last Stand Units Tier List with every unit ranked.

1 S Tier Units

The following are the top-tier units that you can find in Anime Last Stand:

  • Curse King (Suppressed)
  • Cursed Child
  • Angel
  • Black Swordsman
  • Flame Alchemist
  • Baldy (Bored)
  • Gogata (Primal)
  • Jenos
  • Lovely Arrancar
  • Captain Commander
  • Drip Zami

2 A Tier Units

A Tier Units are quite good and players can certainly equip them if they find themselves without S Tier units:

  • Illusionist
  • Kon (Adult)
  • Lenji (Demon Leg)
  • Speedcart
  • Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked)
  • Red Dragon Empress
  • Best Waifu
  • Boku (SS)
  • Dark Captain
  • Boat
  • Tenjuro
  • Ulmiorra
  • World’s Strongest (Old)
  • Strongest Sorcerer
  • Knight King
  • Idol
  • Mesh

3 B Tier Units

While B Tier Units are good early on or in the middle of the game, they will start to falter later on:

  • Grimjaw
  • Kohan (Drip)
  • Lightning Swordsman
  • Lord Alien
  • Noble Captain
  • Vagata (Super)
  • Zuffy (Timeskip)
  • Uriu

4 C Tier Units

C Tier Units are useful early on in the game but players should get rid of them soon:

  • Burning Hero
  • Nemak Warrior
  • Zuffy (Lobby)
  • Pride (Night)
  • Riku

5 D Tier Units

D Tier units are the worst ones in the game and players may not need them for very long:

  • Ichiko
  • Kon
  • Wind Pillar
  • Pride (Starter)

That’s all you need from this Anime Last Stand Units Tier list. If you found this guide helpful, do check out more such guides in our dedicated Roblox section here at Gamer Tweak. For more such Tier List content for other games, do check out our dedicated section.