Can You Play As Humans In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora? (Answered)

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, an upcoming action-adventure game, is set to release on December 7, 2023. Fans of this successful Hollywood franchise by James Cameron can easily recognize the beautiful landscape of Pandora. While you are sure to don the role of a Na’vi, it’s unclear whether you can play as humans in this new Avatar game. The previous iteration released in 2009 allowed players to play as an RDA operative. However, the official game overview trailer does not indicate if this installment features human gameplay.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Story Overview

The game overview trailer for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora summarizes the story of your character and their motivation in short. The story begins with the kidnapping of your character along with a bunch of Na’vi kids by RDA. As this organization expands its operations to the western frontier, it plans to train the Na’vi children in human ways and turn them against their kind. However, the battle of the Hallelujah Mountains foils this plan. During this emergency, you’re put into cryosleep, only to awaken after 15 years.

Does Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Have Human Gameplay?

Avatar FoP gameplay

According to the revealed Avatar gameplay, you play as a Na’vi character and not as a human. However, the trailer didn’t fully reveal whether playing as a human is an option or not. As far as the gameplay is concerned, you will take on the RDA, while exploring your Na’vi heritage. This is an open-world first-person game, where players can traverse the lands and skies of Pandora on mounts like Direhorse and Ikran.

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While the information on human gameplay is still scarce in Avatar FoP, players have speculated on certain ways it might be added to the game. The most valid speculation is that Ubisoft can add a standalone DLC where players can take on the role of an RDA operative. This way, players can use various human technology like AMP suits to explore Pandora.

We hope this article helps you understand whether you can play as humans in the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora game. Another query by players is whether this game has a multiplayer co-op option. You can visit Gamertweak to get an answer to that query along with everything you need to know about Avatar FoP.

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