Does Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora Have Customization?

The anticipation is growing as Ubisoft reveals the launch date for the game based on the world created by James Cameron. The action-adventure title, set in Pandora, is generating a lot of excitement among players. One of the first things you might wonder about is whether there is character customization in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora. Players will go through the campaign in the game playing as a Na’vi so if you want to know what freedom will you get in the creation of your character, read on.

Will There Be Character Customization in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora?

character creation in avatar frontiers of pandora

Yes! In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora, players will be able to customize their character. You will get a wide range of body types, voices, and specific body paints to play as a Na’vi. The gameplay showcased at the Ubisoft Forward revealed many exciting things about the game. Fans of the Avatar series and players across are in for a treat with an immersive story and interesting mechanics. Players will be able to explore the vast world of Pandora in the game.

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The game offers a wide range of options, and as its creator, James Cameron, revealed, it will transport players to Pandora, a totally separate continent with an even more original independent story. It allows you to experience the world of Pandora up close. The game’s plot takes place between the two Avatar films. The storyline of the game features your character being kidnapped by the RDA. Awaken back in the land of Pandora after being removed from their home for years, players will get an understanding of what it means to be a Na’vi. As the game progresses, players will have to take on RDA and learn their own heritage.

That’s everything we know about character customization in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora, we will update this article as more information is revealed. If you are wondering if the game will have multiplayer, check out our article right here on Gamer Tweak.