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Halo Infinite Campaign How To Play Co-op (Multiplayer Guide)

Are you wondering if you can play the Campaign mode of Halo Infinite with your friends? This guide has the answer you want.

Halo is one of the series that has a famous and well-known multiplayer. And that is because the games in this series actually provided a good co-op experience for you and your friends. And while Halo Infinite Campaign has been released we haven’t seen a way for you to play co-op multiplayer with friends. So in this guide let us check if you can play co-op in Halo Infinite Campaign, and if yes then how you can do that.

How to Play Co-op in Halo Infinite Campaign

halo infinite campaign coop multiplayer guide

At the time of writing this article, there is no way for you to play campaign mode co-op. But you can play the Multiplayer mode of the game on split-screen on your Xbox, so PC users still don’t have an option when it comes to couch co-op. And no campaign co-op for both PC and Xbox players.

As for the question of, will there be a co-op for the campaign mode in the future? Yes, the developers do plan to release a co-op mode in the future. But we cannot expect it to release anytime soon. The game already had been delayed during its development, so if the developers had to add co-op it in the first launch, it would have taken even longer to launch. And whether the co-op mode will be online, offline, or both, the developers still have to confirm it.

If you intend to play the campaign mode of this game with your friends be sure to bookmark this page. Once the game releases its co-op mode we’ll update this guide with the steps on how you can play co-op.

That covers everything you need to know about how to play co-op in Halo Infinite Campaign & multiplayer guide. If you can’t wait to play co-op and intend to start the game right away then check our guides on best beginner’s tips & tricks, and best upgrades in Halo Infinite.