How To Play Co-op Multiplayer In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Multiplayer trumps solo exploration. Granblue Fantasy Relink players can enjoy the co-op multiplayer mode and play with their friends. Here are some of the steps you need to follow.

While action RPGs have a trend of exploration and survival, they are usually best enjoyed when playing with friends. Fortunately, there is a Granblue Fantasy Relink co-op multiplayer option that players can try out to enjoy the game with their group. Setting up the online session is pretty easy and players will have to follow a few steps to get the game up and running.

There are numerous activities available with the multiplayer option. Once you select the best matchmaking settings available for your game, you can invite your friends to the game. After that, you can start taking quests from the Quest Counter menu and complete them with your friends.

How to Play Granblue Fantasy Relink Co-op Multiplayer

How to Play Granblue Fantasy Relink Co-op Multiplayer
Image via Cygames

To play the Granblue Fantasy Relink co-op multiplayer mode, get into the game and while you are in a session, go to the Quest Counter and talk to the Alliance Receptionist. You can find the Play Online option once you interact with them. Once you select the Play Online option, you will get to edit the session settings.

Select the region to match with your friends and then change invite permissions to the party’s leader so you can invite your friends instead of random players. If you want a random multiplayer session, you can keep the settings open for anyone. Once you have the correct session settings, select OK.

Once the game loads, head back to the Quest Counter again and interact with the Receptionist and you will get the quest menu. Now, select the Invite Option and you can start inviting all your friends. A party can have up to a maximum of 4 players which means you can invite 3 other players for a co-op multiplayer. Do note that there is no crossplay between PC and PlayStation players at the time of writing.

That’s all we have from this guide. Granblue Fantasy Relink players are hot in heels for some Romance Options. If you want to know more about that, do check out our guide on it right here at Gamer Tweak.