Are There Any Granblue Fantasy Relink Character Romance Options?

Romantic options can bring RPGs to life. Can you romance any of the characters in Granblue Fantasy Relink? Here’s everything you need to know.

Romance in RPGs has received a huge boost since games like Baldur’s Gate 3 have successfully showcased it. While many games have been known to include romance options earlier, BG3 managed to bring it out to a new life. So the expectations for character romance options in Granblue Fantasy Relink are only natural.

There are numerous playable characters as seen in our Tier List alongside the main protagonist and many players are wondering if there is room for love. If you are one of those who have kept some high expectations, it’s time that you lower them down. Our guide has explained everything you will need on romance in the game.

Can you Have Character Romance Options in Granblue Fantasy Relink?

Can you Have Character Romance Options in Granblue Fantasy Relink
Image via Cygames

No, currently, there are no character romance options in Granblue Fantasy Relink. The closest you will get to romance is the fan ships. Even though there are so many playable characters that you can unlock with Crewmate Cards, there is hardly any room for romance. The developers have opted out of this new trend that the latest action RPGs are setting.

While it might sound disappointing, not every action RPG will have romance in it. Even though fan-ships are quite famous between the main character and a few playable characters, that’s all there is to it.

If you are a veteran of Granblue Fantasy, it shouldn’t really surprise you that there are no romantic relationships between characters. That has been one of the common factors of the series and it was unlikely to have changed even though action-RPG has taken that road.

That’s all we have from this guide. If you are playing Granblue Fantasy Relink on PlayStation, it would be a good idea to redeem the serial code and get the Granblue Special Item Set: Relink Pack. Do check out our guide to know more about that right here at Gamer Tweak.