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How To Play 2v2 In Clash Royale

Not sure how 2v2 mode works and where to find it in Clash Royale? Here is all you need to know.

Can’t find the duo match in Party mode? Here is where it is and how to play 2v2 in Clash Royale. The year 2023 first update: “Update for Losers”, brought many changes to the game. Made some changes to make losing battles profitable, revamped Pass Royale, and introduced a new Season Shop & Season Tokens. But the most confusing thing it did was remove 2v2 from Party mode. Now this 2-player mode is part of a different section. And the reward system has also changed. Want to know where it is and how it has changed? Read along to know.

How Do I Play 2v2 in Clash Royale?

How Do I Play 2v2 in Clash Royale

You will now find 2v2 mode in the Events section of the game. The section is unlocked at level 8. So keep battling till you unlock it. Once you have unlocked it, follow these steps and play with your friends.

  • Launch the game and tap on Events, which is a single sword icon on the right corner.
  • Scroll a little and select 2v2 from the right part of this Clash Royale section.
  • It has two tabs, Draft and Classic.
  • Hit the Battle button from any of these modes to continue.
  • It will now give you two options. You can select Play with Friend or Quick Match.
  • If you selected Quick Match, then it will match you with a random player and start the battle.
  • But if you choose Play with Friend, you can invite your clanmate or friend.
  • Once they accept your invitation, the 2v2 match will start in Clash Royale.

What Are Duo Rewards?

Players now get rewards of Season Tokens. You can exchange it in Season Shop for Coins, Cards, and other items. So rather than rewarding random things, it now lets you choose what you want. And that has made the mode more unique and useful.

With this, you can now play 2v2 matches in Clash Royale. We have covered many topics from this game, so if you are interested, you should check our other Clash Royale guides. Start by learning about the best Mortar Evolution deck and then learn about the dominating Firecracker Evolution deck.