Clash Royale: All Changes In Update For Losers Explained

Clash Royale's Update for Losers may result in the game losing its player base.

Clash Royale’s first update for 2023, called “Update for Losers,” is out, and players are not happy about it. If you are wondering where the name comes from, it refers to the addition of rewards even for losing battles. While rewards for losers seem significant, this update revamps several game features. Some say these changes are enough to make them quit the game entirely. This guide will review all the changes in the new “Update for Losers” patch.

What are the Changes in Clash Royale’s Update For Losers

Rewards for Losers in Clash Royale

Here’s a list of all changes in Clash Royale after the Update for Losers patch:

  • 2v2 Removed from Party Mode
  • Revamped Pass Royale
  • New Season Shop and Season Tokens

2v2 Removed from Party Mode

The 2v2 matches in the Party Mode allowed players a fun and casual experience. Players were also incentivized to earn Coins and Chests through 2v2 matches. However, the devs removed the party mode with the latest update. The 2v2 mode is shifted to the new Events tab with the exclusion of Chests. So players can only earn them through Trophy Road and Path of Legends.

Revamped Pass Royale

Another considerable change in the “Update for Losers” patch is its revamped Pass Royale. Post the update; the battle pass will have three tiers in total. The first pass is complimentary, while the other two are priced as follows:

  • Free: $0
  • Gold: $5.99
  • Diamond: $11.99

Note that these prices may change for every region based on their currency and taxes.

According to many, the new Pass Royale fails to offer the benefits and rewards compared to the previous one. The free pass received a significant nerf in Gold and Card Value. Moreover, the Diamond pass is nowhere close to the old Premium pass.

No Book of Books in Pass Royale

The Book of Books is removed from the Pass Royale in the Update for Losers. Players were guaranteed the Book of Books magic item in the old Premium pass. However, players will not get it even in the Diamond pass. This majorly upset the community since it was a crucial item to max out champions.

New Season Shop and Season Tokens

Season Shop in Clash Royale Update for Losers

Season Tokens are a new type of reward introduced in this update. Players can get these tokens even after losing by completing the following criteria:

  • Destroying Enemy Crown Towers
  • Defending Crown Towers
  • Spending Elixir

However, the amount of Tokens you can earn daily is capped at 1000. You can exchange these tokens at the new Season Shop for rewards like Gold, Cards, Wild Cards, Magic Books, etc.

That’s all from us on the Clash Royale Update for Losers changes. For more such content as the best Super Magic Archer Challenge Deck, check out our Clash Royale guides.