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How To Play 1v1 In Call Of Duty Mobile (CODM)

Tired of team matches? Start duel with this 1v1 Call of Duty Mobile guide.

Want to play 1v1 in Call of Duty Mobile, but player slots fill for five players on each side? No need to worry, this guide has got you covered. You can invite your friends or play 1v1 with random players. If you are planning to go against your friends, then make sure they are online. But if you wish to encounter a random player, then gear up yourself and get ready to win the match. You’ll have to create a private room for setting up such matches, so read along and create one.

How to Play 1v1 in COD Mobile

How To Play 1v1 In Call Of Duty Mobile

Play 1v1 With Friend in CODM

  • Launch the Call of Duty Mobile.
  • If you haven’t added friends, tap on the friend’s icon beside Setting Gear from the upper right corner.
  • Select Add Friends and search for your friend’s name.
  • Send a Request and wait for them to accept your request.
  • Now, come to the main screen and select the Multiplayer from the right corner.
  • Then tap on the list icon from the upper right corner.
  • Select Private. This will create a private room in Call of Duty Mobile.
  • On the right part, you will see the invite list. And all online players will be on the top.
  • Tap on the one you want to invite and press Invite to the team.
  • Then select mode by going to the option right above the Start button.
  • If that friend joins your side of the team, then press the Vs icon and change camp.
  • Lastly, hit the Start button to play the match.

How to Play 1v1 With Random Players in Call of Duty Mobile

  • Launch CODM.
  • Tap on the Multiplayer option.
  • Select the list icon from the upper right corner.
  • Select Private from there.
  • Then tap on the flag icon on the bottom left side.
  • Tick World or Clan and press send to invite random players.
  • Start the match when one player joins the opposite team.
  • Remove others if more have joined the camp.

That’s all you have to do to play 1v1 with friends in Call of Duty Mobile. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other CODM guides. Start with how to get Melee Master Medal and then read how to play COD Mobile on the browser.