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How To Get Platinum Shards In Battle Cats (2023)

Get closer to unlocking Uber Rare cats with this guide on collecting Platinum Shards in Battle Cats.

Battle Cats is a popular mobile game by Japanese developer PONOS. Players might fight their way around the world looking for all the cats they can find. The game is free to download and players can spend endless hours defeating the game’s almost neverending stages. You can also buy Cat Capsules or Gacha to unlock unique cats to add to your collection. These Gacha can be bought with special tickets and items. Let’s look at how to get Platinum Shards in Battle Cats.

How to collect Platinum Shards in Battle Cats

How to collect Platinum Shards in Battle Cats

Platinum shards are special items you can use to eventually unlock some Uber rare cats. These uber rare cats can be unlocked by special Platinum Capsules. To enter the Gacha Event players will have to collect Platinum Tickets. These are super rare Tickets that can be bought at the store. But you can use Platinum Shards to obtain them too. 10 Platinum Shards make one Platinum Ticket. While the Ticket can cost real money, Platinum Shards can be collected for free. However, the process might be tedious.

You can get Platinum Shards by completing a few challenges in the game. Clearing the challenging Empress’ Report till stage 5 will give you 3 Platinum Shards. Beating Reign of the Ape Lord, Ape Lord’s Revenge, and Bith of the True Man will give you a total of 6 Platinum Shards. But these rewards can only be collected once. You can participate in the Baron Dungeon and reach Level 5 to win 1 Shard. You can do this twice a month to collect 2 Shards each month. Once you have 10 you can exchange them for 1 Platinum Ticket. You can now use this Ticket to enter the Gacha and unlock an Uber Rare cat.

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