Battle Cats Tier List 2024 – Normal Cats Ranked

Here's our ranking of all the Normal Cats in The Battle Cats.

The Battle Cats is a tower defense game that has loads of cats. Those looking for a Battle Cats Tier List can stop their search right here because we will be mentioning all the best Normal Cat characters in this guide. Every cat has its own advantages and disadvantages based on their skill set. Here’s our ranking of all the basic cats in the game.

Battle Cats Tier List

In this guide, we’ve mentioned the rankings of the Normal Cats from F Tier (the worst) to S Tier (the best). Note that this ranking is subjective and can differ from your opinion but it will surely help newcomers get started with the game.

Tier Cat
S Tier Wall Cat
A Tier Macho Cat
A Tier Giraffe Cat
B Tier Mythical Titan Cat
B Tier Dragon Cat
C Tier UFO Cat
C Tier Sexy Legs Cat
D Tier Whale Cat
F Tier Brave Cat
Tier Cat
S Tier Eraser Cat
A Tier Island Cat
A Tier Mohawk Cat
B Tier Jamiera Cat
B Tier Macho Legs Cat
C Tier King Dragon Cat
C Tier The Flying Cat
D Tier Lion Cat
F Tier Dark Cat

List of Normal Cats

  • Cat
  • Tank Cat
  • Axe Cat
  • Gross Cat
  • Cow Cat
  • Bird Cat
  • Fish Cat
  • Lizard Cat
  • Titan Cat

battle cats normal tier list

Normal Cat Evolutions

In the tier list mentioned above, we’ve ranked the evolutions of these Normal Cats.

  • Cat > Macho Cat > Mohawk Cat
  • Tank Cat > Wall Cat > Eraser Cat
  • Axe Cat > Brave Cat > Dark Cat
  • Gross Cat > Sexy Legs Cat > Macho Leg Cat
  • Cow Cat > Giraffe Cat > Lion Cat
  • Bird Cat > UFO Cat > The Flying Cat
  • Fish Cat > Whale Cat > Island Cat
  • Lizard Cat > Dragon Cat > King Dragon Cat
  • Titan Cat > Mythical Titan Cat > Jamiera Cat

So, that’s our Battle Cats Tier List featuring Normal Cats. Don’t miss out on our guide on how to beat Godzilla in The Battle Cats too.