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How To Beat Godzilla In The Battle Cats?

Are you finding it tricky to defeat the mighty Godzilla in The Battle Cats? Read this article to learn how you can beat it!

If you play The Battle Cats, you may have come across the Godzilla Collaboration. During this event, you will need to clear a level by defeating Godzilla. In this article, we will show you how you can do so.

How to Defeat Godzilla in The Battle Cats?

godzilla battle cats

If you want to learn how you can defeat Godzilla in The Battle Cats, keep reading.

  • While Godzilla is an extremely powerful monster, it can be beaten if you follow the right strategies.
  • To beat it, you should choose to not spawn anything near it when you begin to fight. Doing so will attract Godzilla to approach you.
  • By attracting Godzilla towards you, you will give yourself time to build up money & launch a counterattack. While this sounds easy, you need to remember that you will have only 22 seconds to mount a decent attack.
  • We recommend you bring along a Money Start-Up combo or a Rich Cat power-up.
  • As soon as you get the required amount of money in The Battle Cats to launch an attack, you should send Ayy Bahamut to attack Godzilla.
  • Apart from Bahamut, you will also need help to eliminate Godzilla in The Battle Cats. This is because Bahamut can only inflict maximum damage of 93.5k at level 30, while Godzilla has 130k Health Points.
  • You can launch a level 40 Bullet Train.

This is how you can defeat Godzilla in The Battle Cats. When battling this monster, you will need to also remember that it deals in a total of 4.8m damage onto your base, guaranteeing instant death each time it attacks you. It is also a Long Distance (LD) enemy. This means that it can attack you directly from a distance and still kill you.

Once you master the right strategy, you too will be able to beat Godzilla in the game. If you liked this article, check out our Battle Cats Tier List of All Normal Cats.