How To Earn Pixar Tokens In Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast

Here are all the ways to earn Pixar Tokens in Disney Dreamlight Valley quickly.

As soon as the game was released several Disney fans hop into the adventure to save their favorite characters. During your journey, there are various things you can do in the game. Such as, creating your Avatar, Decorating, Crafting, and more. However, in order to do all these, you’ll surely need to earn tons of Pixar Tokens in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And to help you with it, here’s a guide on how you can get them quickly.

How to Get Pixar Tokens in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

So there are 2 main ways to get Pixar Tokens in Disney Dreamlight Valley fast in the game:

  • Complete Duties & Tasks
  • Purchase Tokens

As we all know, these are used to buy various Rewards from the new Star Path Event. Let us also look at the above-mentioned methods in a bit more detail.

Complete Duties & Tasks

One of the best and easiest ways to earn tokens in Disney Dreamlight Valley is to complete Duties. The game offers you various tasks, where you just have to Interact with an NPC or collect items and bag free Tokens easily. To access these tasks in the game simply click on your Menu button and then select the Event option. And there you’ll find the Duties tab located on the left side of your screen. If you’ve already finished all the duties then you can get more by unlocking the Premium Star Path.

How To Earn Pixar Tokens Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast
Picture Credits: Adam Roffel

Purchase Tokens

If you don’t have much time to farm the Pixar Tokens then you can always purchase them via Moonstones. A bunch of 10 Pixar Tokens will cost you 200 Moonstones. But don’t worry, if you’re purchasing it for the first time, then you might also get a discount. So don’t waste more time and buy them now at discounted rates.

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This is how you can earn Pixar Tokens easily and fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After collecting items, if you’re running out of storage, then here’s how you can increase your Inventory space.

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