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How To Make A Piston In Minecraft

Here is how to craft a Piston in Minecraft.

Minecraft being a game as simple as it is where you pick and put down blocks has a very complex and logical side as well. Redstone is a pillar of Minecraft that automates most processes. With Redstone, you can make Automated Farms, Flying Machines, and many more such contraptions. This guide will discuss one of the very first Redstone Items that was introduced in the game, the Piston. I am going to show you how to make a Piston in Minecraft.

How To Make a Piston in Minecraft


A Piston is a block that can push a block, players, and mobs by one block in the direction the Piston is facing. In order to craft a Piston, you will need 9 pieces of Items. You will need 3 Wooden Planks, 4 Cobblestones, an Iron Ingot, and a piece of Redstone Dust. If you put them together in the Crafting Table as shown you will get a Piston.

What is a Piston?

A Piston pushes blocks, players, and mobs in a direction when given a Redstone pulse and were introduced in Patch 1.7. The Piston has a push strength of 12 blocks, if it goes beyond that limit it doesn’t push. A piston will only push, it cannot pull like the Sticky Piston. The Piston is a Transparent Block, Which means it will not power other blocks around it. The Piston is a component for crafting the Sticky Piston by crafting a Slime Ball with a Piston. To Craft a Piston, you can use any kind of Wooden Planks but you need Cobblestone, not Blackstone. Honestly, you should be able to craft a Piston with Blackstone but it is deemed intentional by the Devs.

Uses of a Piston

Pistons and it’s like are the cornerstone of Redstone. Pistons have enabled a lot of builds otherwise would never be possible. Flying Machines have made many types of farms automated as their movement mechanisms use Pistons, Sticky Piston to be exact. Piston Feed Tape, Color Coded Lock Systems, and so on are possible with Pistons. The Imagination is the Limit. You can think of whatever and it there will be a contraption of it.

As we saw, the Piston is a very useful block and you should give it a try. Hopefully, this guide helped you in answering your Piston Problems. Now go and Automate those Farms. Also check out our other guides like making Light Blue Dye or making and using Rails in Minecraft