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Where To Find Pistol Flashlight Attachment In Sons Of The Forest

Here is how you can find the Pistol Flashlight attachment to light up in the dark in Sons of the Forest.

There are several attachments for the weapons in Sons of the Forest, one such attachment is the Pistol Flashlight. Sons of the Forest is a brutal survival game where you need everything you can get to fight off the dangers. Even when you might have a pistol, you will still be inefficient at night. Aiming with the pistol at night will be useless without a Pistol Flashlight attachment. Let’s learn where you can find this attachment.

How to get Pistol Flashlight Attachment in Sons of the Forest

pistol flashlight attachment sons of the forest

While it would seem rare, it is quite straightforward to find the Pistol Flashlight Attachment in Sons of the Forest. It is easy to follow from your initial crash location. However, there are 2 items that are required in order to reach it, they are as follows:

  • Rope Gun – You need to use ziplines to get across
  • Rebreather – You will need to dive underwater for a long time

The location is at the base of the mountain in the center. You can follow the rivers around it as it leads to the cave. After getting there, you will know you are at the right one when you see three impaled corpses right outside the cave.

You can enter the cave by destroying the wooden barricades, you will come to a huge gap. This gap is not crossable with the ziplines from a rope gun. Use the Rope Gun to cross the gap then dive down into the water. This is where you will need the Rebreather.

After coming out of the water on the other end, you will get attacked by enemies so stay cautious. As you progress, you will at some point fall down a gap and that is meant to happen no matter what you do.

The room you fall into is where you will find your Pistol Flashlight Attachment. It should be kept next to a lamp near some corpses. There will be enemies here too though so it’s advisable you clear it out before getting it.

That is all you need to know on how to find the Pistol Flashlight Attachment. For more guides like this, check out our other articles like how to find a revolver and how to get more ammo in Sons of the Forest.