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Pirate Gulliver In ACNH: How To Find Him And Get Rewards

Want to know how to meet Pirate Gulliver in ACNH? How to find the Communicator and get the rewards? Find all the answers in this guide.

Pirate Gulliver, also known as Gullivarrr, is an NPC that players can interact with to get some interesting items. He is a sailor who is lost and he will show up on your island’s beach. When you talk to him, Gullivarrr will tell you all about his problem. Want to know about this in detail? Then keep reading this guide on Pirate Gulliver in ACNH.


Pirate Gulliver Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide

If you have met the regular Gulliver previously, you will know that he will be found washed up on your beach fast asleep. But to actually meet Pirate Gulliver, you need to purchase a wet suit first. Why? Because the task that he will give you next requires you to take a dip in the ocean.

So, once you do that and see him, wake him up and talk. He will inform you that he needs to find a Communicator (in hilarious Pirate-style sentences). You need to only find one Communicator to complete this little quest.

How To Find The Communicator

The Communicator will be on the ocean floor so you need to begin swimming and look for it. If you see bubbles coming out from a certain area, head towards it and dive by pressing Y. The shadow of this object will not move so if you see something like it, that might just be the Communicator. In case you don’t find it on your first attempt, keep trying. Its location is random every time.


Got the Communicator? Now, meet Pirate Gulliver where you saw him before and talk to him. Select ‘Yarrr!’ for ‘yes’ and give it to him. Thanks to your help, he can now contact his crew. Pirate Gulliver will promise to send you a reward for this kind gesture via mail.

One important thing to note is that if your inventory is full, the Communicator will not spawn. Therefore take care of this before heading into the ocean.


Pirate Gulliver Items and Rewards List

As a prize for helping Pirate Gulliver, you will receive Pirate-themed items. It could be furniture or clothes and these specific items can only be collected through encounters with Pirate Gulliver. Here are all the 19 Pirate-themed items that you can get from Pirate Gulliver.

  1. Barrel
  2. Pirate-Ship Cannon
  3. Pirate-Ship Helm
  4. Treasure Chest
  5. Wall
  6. Flooring
  7. Rug
  8. Sideways Pirate Barrel
  9. Sea Captain’s Coat
  10. Pants
  11. Dress
  12. Outfit
  13. Treasure Robe
  14. Bandana
  15. Treasure Crown
  16. Hat
  17. Beard
  18. Eye Patch
  19. Boots

As you can tell, it is all about Pirates. Apart from this, you will also receive Rusted Parts in the Recycle Bin at Resident Services. Check out our handy guide on how to get and use Rusted Parts in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


Moreover, you can also grab a Golden Shovel DIY recipe by helping Gulliver (either the normal one or the Pirate one). Read more about it in our guide on the Golden Tools in ACNH.

How Often Does Pirate Gulliver Show Up?

Pirate Gulliver might spawn once every 15 days which is quite infrequent. So if you want to collect all of the above objects, you will need a lot of patience. Besides, the normal Gulliver will also spawn on your island but Gullivarrr will be a much rarer spawn compared to him.

So, this is everything about Pirate Gulliver in ACNH. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our ACNH Wiki.