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Battlefield 2042: How To Ping Enemies

Here is how to ping enemies in Battlefield 2042.

In a tactical FPS game like Battlefield 2042, Information is King. If you have info on where your enemies are, you have already won the battle. Most times, text chat and voice chat cannot help in times of chaos. So the best way of communication is Pinging Enemies. Using the Ping feature, you can alert your allies of potential danger from the enemies or the enemies themselves. In today’s guide, I will show you how to Ping Enemies in Battlefield 2042.

How to Ping Enemies in Battlefield 2042

pinging enemies

In many games, the Ping Function has been a very effective tool in communication with your Allies. With a game as massive as Battlefield 2042 is, this tool is very valuable. Mastering the use of this tool can make a difference between good and amazing teammates. To Ping an Enemy, you will have to press:

  • Q Key on the PC
  • R1 trigger button on the PS
  • RB bumper on the Xbox

This will highlight a point in the direction you are looking and your allies will be able to see it. After a while, it will fade away but if you ping at an enemy, vehicle, or any other point of interest, the ping will stay for a longer time. Ping such entities and locations and it will alert your allies for either danger like snipers, campers or to take the objective. This isn’t a foolproof tool as with bad weather conditions it gets difficult to ping enemies. But with bad weather rises the best way to use the Ping Tool.

In conditions like a Tornado, you will be able to get to higher elevations. If you are playing as Sundance then deploy your Wingsuit. With this, you will get a birds-eye view of the map and can ping locations very easily. Your Enemies will be unaware that their location is being compromised.

This was all about Pinging Enemies in Battlefield 2042. Hopefully, this guide was helpful. You can also check our guides on Invalid Game State Fix and How To Snipe in Battlefield 2042.