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How To Start A Pillager Raid In Minecraft

Here is all you need to know on how to Start a Raid in Minecraft.

Minecraft has a ton of cool things to do and with every update, that list just gets bigger. Along with new Mobs and Blocks, new game Mechanics gets introduced. From the Villager & Pillager update, we got the Pillager Raid mechanic. In this mechanic, the player must defend a Village from waves of Pillagers set on annihilating every Villager in a Village. In today’s article, I will explain how you can start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft.

How to Start a Pillager Raid in Minecraft


pillager raid

To start a Pillager trade is no difficult task. You will need a few things before you can start the raid. First off you will need a Village and a Pillager Outpost. Once you have located both of these structures, we can now begin the Raid. Also, as a side note, make sure you have kitted yourself with some decent armor as these Raids are unforgiving.

At the Pillager Outpost, find the Pillager Leader. This is Pillager with the Pillager Banner on top of him. Kill him and the rest of the Pillagers in the Outpost. After which you will gain the Bad Omen effect. The Bad Omen effect behaves like other potion effects. It has no timer and can be removed by consuming Milk or by dying. In this case, we need the Bad Omen effect. Now return to the Village, The effect will wear off but a Pillager Raid will begin. Now you must defend the Village. Depending on what difficulty you are playing at, the Raid will be that easy or difficult. Once you have defeated the Pillager Raid, you will gain the Hero of the Village effect where the Player receives gifts from the Villagers and also gets discounts on Villager trading.


Well, this is how you can start a Raid in Minecraft. With this Mechanic, you can set up a Farm to collect resources like Redstone, Emeralds, Totems of Undying, and many more. Hopefully, this guide was very helpful for you. You can also check our guides on Best Bedwars Servers 2021 and Turtle Shell Helmets in Minecraft.