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BG3 Pickpocket Guide: How To Easily Steal From NPCs

Want to make some quick bank in Baldur's Gate 3? You should try stealing!

One of the best ways to farm gold in Baldur’s Gate 3 is to Steal objects or Pickpocket NPCs. While the process can be as simple as sneaking behind an enemy and stealing from them. There are a few things that happen here, which if you know about them, will improve your chances of stealing by a lot. This is important because getting caught can make things from awkward to worse depending on whom you were stealing from. So here is a quick guide on how you can easily steal in BG3.

How to Pickpocket in Baldur’s Gate 3

how to Steal in Baldurs Gate 3
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  1. To steal from NPCs in this game, go behind an NPC make sure they don’t notice you (you can use crouch), hover over them and you will get the Pickpocket option.
  2. Now, pickpocket your target and you will see all of the items that they have on them.
  3. Depending on what you are trying to steal the Pickpocket target check will change. I will explain more about this target in a bit, but for now, let’s check what to do next.
  4. Click on the item you want and then click on the Steal button.
  5. Meet this Target and you will pickpocket the item you wanted.

Now, make sure you get out of the NPC’s vicinity. This is because once they notice something has been stolen they will start looking for the thief.

If you aren’t fast enough you may get caught by the target NPC or any guard nearby. Depending on whether you attack them, choose to bribe, or give in you may escape or end up in prison. In case your character does end up in prison you can use another party member to distract the prison guard. And make another companion go and retrieve the prisoner party member’s items from the chest.

How Target checks Work while Stealing

Whenever you want to steal from someone you need to make sure you have a character with high Dexterity in your party. This is because with Dexterity you also get the skill, Sleight of hand. This makes it easier for your party member to steal from the target.

Each time you pickpocket, whenever you select an item, it will show you the target you need to meet for it. With high Dexterity & Sleight of hand, you will have higher chances of success.

The recommended classes for these roles are Rogue and Bard. So whenever it comes to stealing you should try and use Astarion. This is because there is a high chance he is in your party unless you removed him.

You can also use items like Smuggler’s Ring or cantrips like Guidance on your party’s thief before they steal. Smuggler’s Ring for Astarion will give you +2 Sleight of hand. Meanwhile, Guidance gives you a +1d4 bonus to Ability Checks for 10 turns.

Tips to Successfully Pickpocket in BG3

  • Start by saving the game before you steal. This way if things go wrong you don’t have to waste any time correcting them and can just reload your save.
  • Use a Party member to distract the NPC. You can either make them directly engage in a conversation. Or you can use spells like Fog or Minor Illusion.
  • Once the NPC is distracted, make the thief go closer to the target and then enter the Turn-Based mode. This will stop time and will ensure any buffs like Guidance don’t immediately disappear.
  • After you are done stealing get out of the site of crime.

Now with this guide, you should be a successful cat burglar and should be able to easily steal objects or pickpocket any NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you don’t have enough party members then should check out how to add Halsin to the party or where to find Karlach. As for other topics on this game check out our BG3 section.