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How To Easily Complete Pick Your Poison Challenge In Hitman 3

Wondering about how to complete the Pick Your Poison Challenge in Hitman 3? Look no further

Pick your poison challenge in Hitman 3 is one of the stealthiest ways you can take out your target. This particular challenge is about assassinating a particular target named Carl Ingram, doing this is easy but there are a sheer number of things that you will need to do beforehand to make sure that this goes smoothly without any issue. If you want to know about how to complete the Pick your poison challenge in Hitman 3, check this out.

How To Complete Pick Your Poison Challenge In Hitman 3

The best way to complete the pick your poison challenge in Hitman 3 is by taking the Chef’s disguise and poisoning Carl Ingram’s food with lethal poison. Finding poison in Dubai can be a bit tricky but we recommend that if you have it unlocked as a Mastery Reward, use it.

how to complete pick your poison challenge in  hitman 3

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To get the poison vial in Hitman 3 you will need to visit the quest marker where you can see a person talking to the security. As soon as he leaves that area and walks back. Find a place to hide and provoke this person to come towards you by using any means of distraction. Once he’s near you, subdue him or take him out and then pick up the lethal poison as well as the disguise.

Now, go towards the security check post and get frisked, after this, you will get entry to where the guests are waiting. Look for another disguise that will help you access more places at this brand new hotel. A guard costume will go a long way.

Once this is done, make sure to go to the fourth floor and here look for the ice maker machine, make sure that no one’s around, and then activate the machine. The chef should come to take a look at it, this is your moment to subdue him and take on his disguise. Once you’ve done this, all you need to do is go back to the kitchen area and prepare Carl Ingram’s food.

As soon as you’ve prepared the food, add poison to it and ring the bell, now all that remains is for you to wait until Carl eats his food and once he succumbs to the poison you will have completed the pick your poison challenge in Hitman 3.

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