How To Unlock Lethal Poison Vial In Hitman 3

Want to know how you can unlock the Lethal poison vial in Hitman 3? Keep reading

Lethal Poison Vial in Hitman 3 can be an assassin’s most favored gadget as it will help you take care of your targets without anyone knowing and make it look like an accidental death. If this is something that you’re looking to know how to get it. Make sure to read this guide until the end.

How To Get Lethal Poison Vial In Hitman 3

To get Lethal Poison Vial in Hitman 3 you will need to reach Mastery Level 10 in the Berlin Map in the game. Once you unlock this level, you will receive the lethal poison vial that you can use to kill your enemies without leaving a trail and making it look accidental.

hitman 3 unlock lethal poison vial

Replayability is the main focus of the game and there’s always more to do when you’re playing Hitman 3, while you won’t be able to unlock it during your first playthrough, earning more XP should help you get to your goal.

You can earn tons of XP in Hitman 3 by playing the objective and do it in a real silent assassin fashion, leave no trail and always be quiet. The stealthier your kills and takedowns are the faster and more XP you will earn in the game.

Berlin mission is titled Apex Predator, and there’s a ton of things to do and explore here like finding all the Yellow Bird Graffiti. You will need to find all 7 of these to complete the task and earn handsome rewards, there always the Coconut Ball Surprise feat that you can check out to earn XP.

Make sure to take out all the ICA agents discreetly and the XP will keep on rising and you will unlock Mastery Level 10 before you realize in Berlin in Hitman 3.

This is all there is to know about how to unlock the Lethal Poison Vial in Hitman 3, if you’re curious about all the other Mastery Rewards in Hitman 3, make sure to check them out here.