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Phasmophobia Music Box Guide – Where To Find & How To Use

Here's our guide on how to use Music Box and all the locations where you can find it

With the newest update of the game, Phasmophobia has introduced a group of six cursed possessions. If you use one cursed item for a mission, you cannot find or use another one in the same area. These cursed items have a positive effect most of the time with a negative effect following later as you proceed. Music Box is one of these cursed items that can be used to locate ghosts. Here’s our guide on how to use the music box and all the locations where you can find it in Phasmophobia.


How to Use Music Box in Phasmophobia?

Music Box can be used to pinpoint the accurate location of ghosts in Phasmophobia. As you activate the music box, the ghost will start to sing along the song playing with some risks followed. Risks like you drop the music box or if the ghost touches the box, a cursed hunt will be activated. The hunt will also be activated if a ghost walks towards the box for more than 5 seconds. The safest way to not trigger any cursed hunt will be to place the music box on the floor. Moving ahead, here is the list of all locations of the music box in Phasmophobia.

All Music Box Locations



where to find music box in asylum

  • As you enter from the front door, you can find a music box in the middle of the lobby.
  • After entering the Asylum, go to the left and search for a right wall before you turn from the corner.
  • Go straight after entering the Asylum until you see a wall to find a box.
  • You will find a box in the dentist’s room at the right of the reception.
  • You can find another box located at office number 3.

Bleasdale Farmhouse

entrance of bleasdale farmhouse

  • Head to the first floor and look in the north of the living room.
  • You will see a wall located west of the office on the first floor.
  • Towards the right of the door which leads to the bathroom.
  • In the girl’s room on the second floor.
  • In the boy’s room located on the second floor.
  • You can find another one located in front of the boy’s room to the right of the door.
  • Go to the attic, where you will find a box in the northeastern part.

Maple Lodge Campsite


where to find music box in maple lodge

  • Located near a big storage tent to the left.
  • Located in women’s bathroom towards the north-western direction.
  • You can find a music box near a campfire towards the north in Phasmophobia.
  • Find a music box inside a red tent towards the center.
  • You can find a music box outside of the cabin nearby the picnic area.

Brownstone High School

entrance of brownstone high school

  • A music box is located on the extreme East of the Lobby.
  • There is another box Located inside classroom 5.
  • On the left of the main corridor before reaching the cafeteria.
  • You can get the box by climbing the landing in between two floors instead of going through the main corridor in Phasmophobia.

Edgefield Street House

first floor edgefield street house

  • Located on the first floor by the wall to the north of the living room.
  • East of the garage on the first floor.
  • To the left on the second floor as you exit the stairs.
  • North of the Orange bedroom located to the extreme right.
  • You can find the box between the two doors of the master bedroom.

Grafton Farmhouse

inside of grafton farmhouse

  • You can find a music box in the center of the living room in the Farmhouse in Phasmophobia.
  • Located in the middle-east section of the room behind the stairs in the foyer.
  • The right side of the window in the workshop.
  • Located to the right of the stairs on the second floor.
  • You can find another one inside a bedroom towards the right of the stairs at a window in the south direction.
  • Inside a nursery to the window towards the left of the stairs.


entrance of prison

  • You can find a music box as soon as you enter the door of the prison.
  • Inside the visitation door which is the second door towards the left.
  • If you turn left after entering the door you may find the box a few steps away.
  • If you turn right, you will find the box as soon you enter the first door to the right of the admin hallway.

Tanglewood Street House

tanglewood street house

  • As you enter the house, turn left and head to the main bathroom to find a music box in Phasmophobia.
  • Inside a nursery towards the south direction.
  • Located in a master bedroom inside the nursery towards the north.
  • Walk through the entrance hallway and turn right to find a kitchen, a box is in between the wall to the west.
  • You can find the last spawn location of a music box in the house inside a garage in an extreme southwest direction.

Willow Street House

music box willow street house

  • Left of the entrance as you head inside Willow Street House.
  • Walk north of the kitchen towards a window in the hallway.
  • Head left from the kitchen to find another music box towards the southwest.
  • Walk towards the kitchen and turn left to find the music box to the right of the wall in the garage.
  • In the middle of two doors in the basement hallway in the north direction

 Ridgeview Road House

ridgeview road house

  • You will find the music box opposite the entrance near a right wall before you climb the stairs.
  • Head beyond the hallway on the first floor to find another music box towards the extreme east of the garage.
  • You can find another box in the Girl’s bedroom on the second floor to the left.
  • Climb the stairs from the basement in the kitchen and head right to find a box.
  • Located inside the boy’s bedroom opposite the girl’s bedroom on the second floor.

That’s all on how to use Music Box and all the locations where you can find them in Phasmophobia. If you want to know the locations of other cursed possessions, you can check out our Guides and Walkthroughs right here on Gamer Tweak.