Phantom Blade “0” Zero Release Date (2023) – When Will It Come Out?

Shreyansh Shah
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After what has been a spectacular PlayStation Showcase 2023 that features the likes of Spider Man 2, Ghostrunner 2, and the highly awaited Project Q, it’s time to focus on another exciting release. Phantom Blade 0 (Zero) is a game that has been widely received by players who are looking for the release date of the game. While we are waiting with you for an official confirmation, there are a few release date rumors flying around that we are going to share with you. Although the rumors are not necessarily true, they have provided us with an estimated launch for the game.

What is the Phantom Blade Zero Release Date?

Phantom Blade Zero Release Date

If you are looking to play as the Dark Raider, you will have to wait till late 2023 or early 2024 as Phantom Blade 0 won’t release before that. However, since there is no official confirmation, we will simply have to wait for more details. From the trailer and the description, the Phantom Blade Zero world is a fictitious world that blends Chinese martial arts and steampunk. From the looks of it, the game is going to have an exciting combat mechanism that involves sword fighting and martial arts at the highest level.

For me, Phantom Blade Zero was one of the most eye-catching ones in the PlayStation Showcase 2023. With 66 days left for the protagonist (controlled by players), he has to find the mastermind who framed him for the murder of The Order’s patriarch. Cruel Man Studio are aiming big with this game and it looks like they have provided the platform for it to get there. Phantom Blade Zero is a journey that started with Rainblood in 2010 and already has a huge fanbase. You can check out the game trailer right below:


That’s all we have on the Phantom Blade Zero release date. PlayStation Showcase 2023 has provided a lot of Game Release Dates so make sure you check out our dedicated section and plan for the games you want. Also, do check out our Guides section for numerous game guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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