PlayStation Portable Release Date: Project Q Handheld Coming In 2023?

Shreyansh Shah
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Sony has dropped a major surprise with the PlayStation Showcase 2023. Apart from the new game releases, one of the active rumors has turned out to be true. PlayStation portable or Q Handheld Lite or Project Q has been announced along with brand new wireless gaming earphones and is all set to release. However, the new PSP is not what fans expected it to be and is something entirely else. Whether it will live up to the expectations of the fans or not is a matter for a different day. In the meanwhile, you can check out all there is on the Q Handheld Lite and when we can expect a release date for it.

What is the PlayStation Handheld Device Project Q?


Although fans were expecting an upgraded version of the PSP to release, the new PlayStation portable or Project Q is more inclined towards streaming rather than a Steam Deck type of approach. From what we could learn about the new hardware, you will be able to play games on it via your PlayStation 5. The device will need constant internet connectivity to stay connected to your PS5 and will work as a makeshift controller. The device will have all the features of a DualSense Controller but instead of a touchpad, Project Q will have an 8-inch screen attached in the middle.

PlayStation Portable ‘Project Q’ Release Date – Is it 2023?

Although there is no official confirmation, Project Q is supposed to release somewhere in the middle of 2024. Since Sony is likely to release PS5 Pro in late 2024, we believe the Project Q handheld device will turn up a few months before that. However, like you, we are also merely waiting for more confirmations after the surprises at PlayStation Showcase 2023. Here’s the sneak peek of Project Q from PlayStation Showcase 2023:

How to Play Games on PlayStation Portable

If you want to play games on the handheld device, you will have to install it first on your PS5 Console. After that, you can use the portable device to play the game on it. We are still waiting on the new device to get more information about this and once we do, we will surely update this guide. Additionally, VR Games are not included on the PlayStation portable device, Project Q.

Are the Wireless Gaming Earbuds Part of Project Q?

Although they were announced together, the wireless gaming earbuds are more likely a way for Sony to enter the market. They are unlikely to be a part of the Project Q handheld device. However, they should provide a mesmerizing gaming experience once they are available in the market.

That’s all we have on the PlayStation portable handheld device, Project Q release date. Once more details turn up, we will update you with more on the device. There were a lot of Game Release Dates announced at the PlayStation Showcase 2023, so do check out our dedicated section and plan for the games you wish to have.

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