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Pet Simulator X Plushies Near Me: Where To Buy

Here's how to purchase official PSX soft plushies, even those with redeemable exclusive codes.

Pet Simulator X plushies are high in demand because the game itself is super popular with over 60,000 active players at the time of writing this article. PSX revolves around collecting and trading these super cute pets and if your child is requesting you to buy a plushy online, here are some legit sites where you can buy them.

Where to Buy Pet Simulator X Plushies Near Me?

You can find Pet Sim X plushies at a Walmart or Target near your location. Due to the game’s popularity, the plushies can be sold out at physical stores, but you still have a chance to buy them online. More on this below.

Where to Buy PSX Plushies Online in 2023?

BIG Games Pets, the developers of Pet Simulator X have come up with a huge variety of soft Pet Sim X plushies that you can purchase from multiple official sources:

  • Big Games Shop Official Website.
  • Amazon – Search “pet simulator x plush with code” on the website to get all the latest plushies.
  • Target – There are quite a few Target-exclusive items you can purchase.
  • Walmart – Search “Pet Simulator X Plush Code” on Walmart to get the best deals.

On the official site, you will see every available PSX plushy as well as those that are sold out and coming soon. There are loads of designs like tie-dye, themed pets, Capybara, Blobfish, Stuffed Cat, Dog pet, Hippomelon, Axolotl, and more adorable Titanic pets too.

What is the Price of these PSX Plushies?

where to buy pet simulator x plushies

These PSX Plushies retail for anything from $49.99 to $249.99. As you might expect, the demand is high and the stocks are limited (with no restocking) – so if you would like to buy them, you have to hurry!

What are Pet Simulator X Plushies with Exclusive Codes?

psx plushy with exclusive redeemable code

Many real-world soft plushies come with their very own exclusive redeemable PSX code that you can redeem in-game on Roblox. You can claim your very own Huge pet via this method.

For example, the Dragon Plush ($49.99) comes with an exclusive code for a Huge Dragon pet. The Dog plush can also get you a Huge Dog pet and so on.

And that’s everything about Pet Simulator X plushies and where to buy them online. To know more about the latest pets released in the game, check out our PSX guides on Gamer Tweak.