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Pet Simulator X Merch Codes (June 2023)

Here's all about the new Merch Codes in Pet Simulator X

Many users are wondering how to get the new Huge Cat from the Pet Simulator X Merch Codes. So today we will look at all about these codes and the new exclusive pet, along with the pet stats and more. So without any further ado let’s jump right into it.

What are the Merch Codes for Pet Simulator X?

How to Get Huge Cat Merch Codes Pet Simulator X

The Pet Simulator X Merch Codes or merchant codes are unique codes just for everyone who bought real-life “Cat Plush” from Big Games Online Store. Every Cat Plush came with one unique code on it’s tag, that can only be redeemed by a single player. Redeeming the Merch Codes will give you the Exclusive Huge Cat and a Rainbow Hoverboard in the game.

The Cat Plush was on sale on the following dates:

  • 5th September 2021 (11 am CST) for $49.95 (only 5,000 Plushes)
  • 22nd September 2021 (11 pm CST) for $49.95 (only 51 Plushes)
  • 10th October 2021 (1 pm CST) for $69.95 (only 1,500 Plushes)

You can follow the official Big Games Twitter account to get updated on upcoming sales and dates.

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How to Get Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X

The only way to get the Huge Cat in Pet Simulator X is by using the Merch Code from Big Games’ “Cat Plush” toy. Once redeemed, Huge Cat will show up with the unique enchantment “Best Friend” like other Huge pets. It also has the “Strength V” enchantment. Your next best bet is to get the exclusive Huge Festive Cat pet. Unlike buying the merch, you can get this from Egg of Many Gifts and the Insane Christmas Egg. Egg of Many Gifts can be opened for 1.25M from the Christmas World. Insane Christmas Egg is available in the “Exclusive Shop” for 1,200 Robux.

Huge Cat Enchantments

Here are the enchantments you get with Huge Cat in Pet Sim X:

Best Friend (Unique)

Pet will become equally strong as the best pet in your collection

Strength V

Pet will deal additional +100% damage

That’s all you need to know about Pet Simulator X Merch Codes. For more freebies, simply head over to our Roblox Game Codes list and click on the game you play.