All Shiny Relics Location in Pet Simulator 99

Looking for all the Shiny Relics of Pet Simulator 99? Here are all the locations.

Shiny Relics in Pet Simulator 99 are collectibles used to increase your Shiny pet odds permanently. You can even trade them in Trading Plaza to get gems. It is easy to collect about 10 Relics as they can be seen, but after that, the search becomes difficult. They are everywhere, from different zones to mini-games, sometimes directly visible to eyes and sometimes hidden deep in a corner. So, use this and get all the Pet Simulator 99 Shiny Relics Location list to collect them all.

All Pet Simulator 99 Shiny Relics Location

All Shiny Relics in Pet Simulator 99
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There are 50 Shiny Relics in Pet Simulator 99, and here is the list of their locations.

1Zone 1 Check behind the bush near the orange house.
2Zone 1 Look behind the Social Rewards at Spawn.
3Zone 1 Near the likes board, beside the purple flower.
4Zone 3Besides the free diamond rewards, behind the tree.
5Zone 5Behind Classic Obby portal.
6Zone 6Check the left arc pillar by the Potions vending machine.
7Zone 7In a box opposite the red barn.
8Zone 8In a crack in the wall, opposite the Egg machine.
9Zone 9Floating in the pond near the Enchants vending machine.
10Zone 12Check the bush on the right-hand side entrance pillar.
11Zone 13On the tombstone by the cemetery.
12Zone 13Behind a tombstone near the Upgrade Potions.
13Zone 15Behind the bush on the left side.
14Zone 15Find it in a log on the left of the big tree.
15Zone 18On the top of the temple across the Jungle Obby portal.
16Zone 18Secret corridor at the end of the Jungle Obby. Its entrance is behind one column.
17Zone 20Check the blue bucket behind the Daycare.
18Zone 20Another blue bucket by the palm tree.
19Zone 21Check inside the yellow corals on the right side.
20Zone 22On the left pillar side of the Atlantis building.
21Zone 24Enter the Swim With The Fishes portal, and check the right side pillar, it is behind it.
22Zone 24On top of the tunnel entrance
23Zone 24Inside the tunnel.
24Zone 25Check behind the totem to the left of the golden Rebirth One.
25Zone 26Collect from the gold pile on the left of a palm tree.
26Zone 26Check on the right side of Fruits II chest, on the gold pile.
27Zone 27Behind the starfish near Fishing Merchant.
28Zone 27Check the boat nearest to the minigame portal.
29Zone 30Behind the dinosaur skeleton.
30Zone 30Inside a crate behind the dinosaur skeleton.
31Zone 31Check behind the cactus that is on the right of the Pyramid Obby portal.
32Zone 33Check the Saloon’s left window.
33Zone 34On a cliff between Safari and Grand Canyons.
34Zone 36On a tree on the left side.
35Zone 37On top of the cabin roof near Lucky Egg.
36Zone 37Behind the left side cabin.
37Zone 39In the hands of the snowman.
38Zone 40Behind the house next to Snowman.
39Zone 41Check the hot spring on the left.
40Zone 42Inside left side glacier.
41Zone 43On the lava on the right side.
42Zone 44Behind the one rock.
43Zone 45Inside the lava.
44Zone 46Check the dinosaur’s mouth in the lava pool.
45Zone 47Check the left side of the Rare Potions vending machine.
46Zone 50On top of the left pillar of Torii Gate.
47Zone 50Behind the right side pillar of the Rebirth statue.
48Trading PlazaNext to Trading Terminal.
49Trading PlazaBehind the one fan art.
50Trading PlazaUnderneath the bridge that joins the VIP and Center area.

That’s all for the location of Shiny Relics in Pet Simulator 99. If you found this guide interesting, you will find how to get a Super Secret code and transfer pets from Pet Sim X to Sim 99 helpful too.