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Persona 5 Strikers: Lavenza Prison Mail Requests Guide

Here's how to complete Lavenza Requests in Persona 5 Strikers.

All the side quests known as Requests in the world of Persona. These can only be started once you defeat Ventero the Sendai Jail’s boss. Once you beat him, you will be allowed to start any requests from the main menu. The best of such requests in the game are given by Lavenza. As she is replacing her boss Igor from previous games, to run the Velvet Room alone. Lavenza will ask you to beat stronger versions of the bosses you defeated earlier. Also as part of Prison Mail quests, she will ask you to bring a special persona with a particular skill and ability. If you are having difficulty in Velvet Room to fuse these Personas, read on to learn more about all Lavenza Prison Mail requests in Persona 5 Strikers.

How to do Lavenza Prison Mail Requests in Persona 5 Strikers?

The Prison Mail quests which Lavenza requests are divided into 9 parts (8in base game + 1 in new game plus mode), requiring you to bring 9 different personas. Here’s a guide to help you complete these Persona Fusions:

Request Fuse & show with ability
Prison Mail, Part 1 Archangel Amrita Drop
Prison Mail, Part 2 Eligor Divine Grace
Prison Mail, Part 3 Kaiwan Makouga
Prison Mail, Part 4 Mithra Regenerate 1
Prison Mail, Part 5 Unicorn Zionga
Prison Mail, Part 6 Queen Mab Technical Adept
Prison Mail, Part 7 Trumpeter Diarahan
Prison Mail, Part 8 Cu Chulainn Concentrate
Prison Mail, Part 9 Dominion Nuke Amp


Lavenza Requests Persona 5 Strikers

  • Prison Mail, Part 1 Archangel with Amrita Drop

    Lavenza wants you to bring her an Archangel with Amarita Drop. For this, you need to fuse an Andras & Succubus together to make a Hua Po. To get the Amrita Drop skill, upgrade Hua Po till it reaches level 14. Once it has Amrita Drop, combine it with High Pixie to get Archangel with Amrita Drop.

  • Prison Mail, Part 2 Eligor with Divine Grace

    Get an Ame No Uzine by fusing an Orthus & a Lamia. Level it up till it reaches level 29 to acquire Divine Grace. Fuse Ame No Uzine with Lilim of level 25 to make Eligor with Divine Grace skill.

  • Prison Mail, Part 3 Kaiwan with Makouga

    Collect Setanta and Principality from Sapporo Jail. Level them up to levels 26 & 27 respectively. Fuse them together in Velvet Room to generate Kaiwan with Makouga skill.

  • Prison Mail, Part 4 Mithra with Regenerate 1

    Upgrade Setanta till level 31 to acquire Regenerate 1 skill. Then combine this Setanta with a Principality of level 27 to get Regenerate 1.

  • Persona Strikers Lavenza Requests Prison Mail, Part 5 Unicorn with Zionga

    Fuse together a level 33 Black Ooze and level 35 Shiisaa to collect a Unicorn with Zionga skill.

  • Prison Mail, Part 6 Queen Mab with Technical Adept

    Upgrade Kikuri-Hime to level 40 and combine it with a level 37 Kaiwan to create a Queen Mab with the Technical Adept

  • Prison Mail, Part 7 Trumpeter with Diarahan

    Level up a Norn to 54 to learn Diarahan skill. Then fuse it with a level 48 Sarasvati to get a Trumpeter with Diarahan.

  • Prison Mail, Part 8 Cu Chulainn with Concentrate

    Fuse a Level 59 Mot with Level 55 Nebiros to get Cu Chulainn with Concentrate.

  • Prison Mail, Part 9 (new game+) Dominion with Nuke Amp

    Upgrade your Mot to Level 62 to learn Nuke Amp. Once ready, fuse it with a level 60 Forneus to get a Dominion with Nuke Amp skill. This can only be done in the new game plus mode, once you finish the game.

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