Final Fantasy 16 PC Release Date: When Is FF16 Coming To PC?

Wondering about Final Fantasy 16 PC release? Here is a guide with everything you need to know about the port's release info.

When is the Final Fantasy 16 PC release date? This is the question on everyone’s minds after the PS5 exclusive FF16 was a successful endeavor. In the full-fledged action RPG, players will follow the adventures of Clive Rosenfield and his mission to save mankind. While the devs of FF16 haven’t exactly kept the information about the PC release tight lipped, there is some confusion about further updates for the port. Not to mention, the release will be awaited by many PC players around the world. So if you are looking for every bit of information about the FF16 PC port, check out this guide to know all about the game’s release.

Final Fantasy 16 PC Release Date Info

When To Expect PC Port For Final Fantasy 16

Players can expect the arrival of Final Fantasy 16 PC Port anywhere in the year 2024. As confirmed by this Dual Sense Controller Ad, FF16 is going to be PS5 exclusive for 6 months. Given that the game was released in mid-June, it will set out to be an exclusive for the console for the rest of the year. Naoki Yoshida the producer of Final Fantasy 16 denied the claims of a PC version at works before the release. The game’s reveal trailer featured Available For PC. This was later changed and it became even more confusing for players.

Although it seems the head of the Creative Business Unit III will be eyeing for the PC port release too. Although the development and the release might be pushed back according to the exclusive arrangements between the developers and Sony. Yoshida also mentioned that the team will be focusing on making the PS5 version better first as time progresses. The producer also confirmed in multiple interviews that the development will start after the exclusive console release. As there is no specific roadmap to the development, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact release date. But if everything pans out well, you can expect the game as soon as the first half of 2024.

Players will have to wait for an official announcement from Square Enix for further updates. Till then, you can enjoy the action RPG campaign of Final Fantasy 16 on PS5 consoles.

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