Path To Nowhere Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Check out the best sinners to use in our Path to Nowhere Tier List.

Path To Nowhere has a wide range of characters for you to choose from. Using these sinners, your sole purpose is to protect your chief in this tower defense game. Every character has special abilities and roles to fulfill and you can use 6 in a single round. So choosing the right characters and composition is vital. If you are new to the game, the number of characters might overwhelm you. To help you, we have created this Path to Nowhere Tier List where we rank all characters.

Path To Nowhere Tier List – All Characters Ranked from Best to Worst

Sinners in Path to Nowhere

Character (Sinner) Tier Role
Demon S Endura
Nox S Fury
Labyrinth S Umbra
Bai Yi S Umbra
Langley S Reticle
Eirene S Arcane
Hamel S Catalyst
Chelsea A Endura
Demolia A Endura
Serpent A Umbra
RouLecca A Reticle
Zoya A Fury
Pricilla A Reticle
Hecate A Arcane
Ariel A Catalyst
Victoria A Arcane
Luvia Ray A Arcane
Crache A Umbra
EMP A Reticle
KK B Endura
Peggy B Endura
Kava – Kava B Endura
Pacassi B Fury
Cinnabar B Endura
Wendy B Fury
Tetra B Umbra
Flora B Reticle
Joan B Arcane
Oliver B Arcane
Ninety-nine B Fury
Ignis B Arcane
Macchiato B Catalyst
Anne B Catalyst
Sumire B Umbra
Wolverine B Reticle
Che C Fury
Kelvin C Arcane
Hella C Fury
Horo C Fury
Dolly C Fury
Iren C Umbra
Fox C Catalyst
Chameleon C Catalyst
Pepper C Fury
Gekkabijin C Umbra
Lisa C Catalyst

This tier list is according to our playstyle and it can change from player to player. Some of these sinners are unlocked later in the game so look for the ones you have already unlocked. Roles in this game define what each character specializes in.  You can choose characters from these roles according to your gameplay.

Roles in Path To Nowhere

  • Endura: These are the tanks of the game. With high defensive power, these can withstand heavy attacks.
  • Fury: These are the fighter class. They have massive attack power and can obliterate enemies in a few hits.
  • Umbra: This class can move rapidly across the field. Their high mobility makes them an asset in the game.
  • Reticle: This is the archer class of the game. They attack from a range and weaken the enemy for your attackers to finish off.
  • Arcane: These sinners inflict explosive damage on the enemies. They can be used to one-shot foes at the spawn.
  • Catalyst: Catalysts are the supporters in the game. They heal the team or give them boosts.

That covers this Path To Nowhere Tier List of all characters ranked from best to worst. If you found this guide helpful then make sure you check out our other Tier Lists. You can also check out Redeem Codes for this game to get freebies.