Roblox Sakura Stand: How To Parry Easily

Here is all you have to do to Parry Block in Sakura Stand.

Parrying is probably one of the toughest moves to master in Roblox Sakura Stand. For some, it takes a lot of time to even do their first Parry, while some get the hang of it in no time. Here we have tried to make the process easier for everyone, by giving step-by-step instructions. And have also made some suggestions that will help you learn and master the move faster.

You must know how to Parry in Sakura Stand since it is required for completing daily quests and missions like The Anubis Quest. Performing a certain number of this block is one of the tasks of this quest. So there is no option to avoid it if you need rewards for that mission. Don’t worry, check out our guide to master this move quickly.

How to Parry in Sakura Stand (Anubis Quest)

How to Parry Block in Sakura Stand
Image Credit: Phantom’s Prophecy on YouTube
  • Parrying without a stop sign is possible, but it’s way more difficult. Especially for new players. It is best to first get the Stop Sign. Stop Signs can be found in the boxes that are everywhere on the map.
  • Keep opening the boxes till you get the sign. Once you have to Stop Sign, look for two fighting Dummies.
  • Lurk them near each other and let them fight with each other.
  • Now, interrupt the fight, go back a few steps, and activate Block with F.
  • Hold the Block and let one Dummy attack you.
  • When another Dummy tries to attack you, unblock. In most cases, you should see a green aura around you. And with successful Parry, red glow on the Dummy.
  • Go to the quest menu and check if the block was successful.

That’s all on how to do Parry Block in Sakura Stand. If this guide was helpful to you, do check out our other game guides. Start with how to get Tokens and then learn how to obtain Geto Spec in this Roblox game right here on GamerTweak.