Sakura Stand: How To Get Geto

Here is how to get Geto in Sakura Stand and summon curses used by him.

Sakura Stand, which started as a game inspired by Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, now offers many different character specs. We get Acerola, Deku, Gojo, Yuji, Geto, and many more famous manga and anime characters. Though all of them offer interesting powers and skills, Geto shines the brightest. With Sakura Stand Geto spec you can summon Cyclops, Rainbow Dragon, Squid of Babylon, and even absorb & summon Space Curse.

However, getting the spec is not simple. You must first obtain the Geto quest from the Geto. And his dialogue changes with your character and vessel. He wouldn’t say a dialogue to offer a quest unless you meet some requirements. Not sure what those requirements are? Follow along to learn and get Geto in Sakura Stand.

How to Get Geto Suguru Spec in Sakura Stand

How to Get Geto Suguru Spec in Sakura Stand
Image Credit: TheCookieGuy on YouTube

Geto offers you the quest only when you are Sukuna’s Vessel as a Standless. To get the vessel, you’ll need Sukuna’s Finger. And it spawns every 5 minutes on a server with at least five players. There is a 50% chance for it to spawn on you

  • As soon as you become Sukuna’s Vessel, head to the right of Auddy’s Shop.
  • You’ll find the Geto posing by the fence.
  • Interact with him. He’ll say, “I sense something within you…” and “I would love to show you the way I create my room“. Finally, he’ll offer you the quest.
  • Confirm to start the quest with these tasks:
    • Kill Special Grade Curses: 1
    • Kill Curses: 15
    • Kill Fushiguro Toji: 1

Curses and Toji aren’t the toughest part of the quest, Special Grade Curse aka Space Curse is the worst enemy. For now, it is the most powerful boss you’ll face in the game. It is a five-star enemy, so you must assemble a group before you go against the Space Curse. Another thing that you need to make sure of while fighting this boss is that it will despawn if 8 or more Curses are in the server. You can have someone eliminate the curses while you and others fight the Space Curse.

Now, once you have completed the quest, use the curse selection menu to summon the curse. According to the famous Roblox players and YouTuber TheCookieGuy, you can absorb Space Curse and then summon it after completing the quest.

That’s all you have to do to get Geto spec in Sakura Stand. Looking for a more helpful guide for anime-inspired Roblox games, check out our Roblox section and check out the Sakura Stand codes.