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How To Easily Parry Enemy Attacks In Immortals Fenyx Rising

Parrying enemy attacks in Immortal Fenyx Rising will help you get advantage and you can counterattack when time slows down

When you parry attacks in Immortals Fenyx Rising you get a boost that helps you counteract and get on the offense. Using parry is essential in battles as you cannot only rely on dodges, if you wish to know how to use and master parry in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

How To Parry Enemy Attacks In Immortals Fenyx Rising

To parry enemy attacks in Immortals Fenyx Rising, all you have to do is press R1 and L1 together on PS4 and PS5, LB and RB on Xbox One, Xbox Series X,  Xbox Series S, and finally Q on PC. You can only use it against normal attacks and those attacks that have a yellow glow to them.

how to parry enemy attacks immortal fenyx rising

Attacks with a red glow around them cannot be parried and blocked, you should use it just before any enemy is about to attack is about to hit you. This will slow time down and give you an advantage in the battle where you will be able to carry out a lot of attacks in reply.

The game does a pretty good job of explaining it, but you will need to keep on using it to perfect and master it.

If you how to combine dodge and parry together you can become formidable and even take on bigger enemies without having to upgrade a single aspect in the game.

However, it is wise to know how to upgrade potions in Immortals Fenyx Rising. When you parry attacks successfully, Fenyx will spin his sword rapidly and stop any attacks coming from the front.

Parrying comes into handy as and when you level up and take on legendary enemies like the Hydra and Kallisto in the game.

This is all there is to know about how to parry enemy attacks in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Make sure to check out everything else there is to know about Immortals Fenyx Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.