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Minecraft Parrots: How To Get On & Off Shoulder, Tame & Breed

Learn how to breed Parrots in Minecraft and also how to Tame them as well.

Minecraft has a lot of Mobs. Some are Hostile, while some are Neutral, and then there are the Peaceful Mobs. Among those Mobs, there are a few that can be tamed and by the player. Once tamed they become the players’ pets and never leave their side unless they have been made to sit. One such Pet is the Parrots. These cute and colorful birds are a must-have pet in Minecraft. If you already have them then here is how to breed and tame Parrot in Minecraft.

How to Breed Parrots in Minecraft

parrots in minecraft

Pets like Wolfs, Ocelots, and the like are breedable and will spawn their baby versions. But in the case of the Parrot, this is false. You cannot Breed two Parrots to get a baby Parrot in Minecraft. The breeding process is not possible even if you get two of the same Parrots. The only thing you can do to Parrots is tame them from the wild in Minecraft. The only way to get more of them is to find them and tame them.

How to Get Parrot On & Off your Shoulder in Minecraft

If you have a tamed Parrot, you will have the ability to let your Parrot perch on your shoulder. This can happen in two ways. The first one is by walking into your Parrot and the second one is the Parrot, on its own, will fly to the player on perch on his/ her shoulder. Also the second will not happen if the Parrot is sitting down. Parrots prefer to sit on the left shoulder of the player if it is not occupied. If it is then it will sit on the right shoulder. And yes you can have two Parrots on your character, one on each shoulder.

To dismount the Parrot, you can do several things:

  • Being partially submerged in water.
  • Drowning.
  • Falling from 3/4th of a Block or higher.
  • Head submerged in Lava.
  • Jumping from half a block or higher.
  • Sleeping.
  • Takes damage of any kind and from any source.

How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft?

parrot colors in minecraft

To Tame a Parrot, you will need to first find a Jungle Biome in your Minecraft World. Parrots are a passive Mob that has a 20% chance of spawning. They also spawn in groups o 1 to 2 at Y-Level 70 or higher in Minecraft. Once you find a Parrot, you need to get Seeds. Seeds of any kind will do. Now go up to the Parrot and Feed it by Right-Clicking on to it. Keep feeding the Parrot till hearts appear on top of them. Once you tame the Parrot, it will follow you around until you make it to sit. You cannot Breed Parrots in Minecraft. If you have tamed two Parrots of the same color, you still won’t be able to Breed them. Tamed Parrots will also dance if there is a Jukebox in a 3-block radius playing any kind of music. Parrots also mimic the sounds of other Mobs if they are close enough. This is a good way to know if there is a Hostile Mob behind you or not.

What do Parrots eat in Minecraft?

There are a few Food Items that you can use to Tame the Parrots in Minecraft. Them being Wheat Seeds, Beetroot Seeds, Melon Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds. You can use any of them to tame a Parrot. But you cannot feed these Seeds to Breed the Parrots in Minecraft. There is another Food Item you can feed to a Parrot in Minecraft, and that is the Cookie. What happens when you feed a parrot a cookie in Minecraft? Well, it dies. Yes, a cookie is poisonous to a Parrot and then it will instantly die. This is a mechanic as Chocolate is toxic for Parrots IRL so do not feed them any kind of chocolate. Just feed them Seeds and give your Love, that’s all.

What are the Rarest Parrots?

There are 5 variants of the Parrot Mob in Minecraft. Them being:

  • Red Parrot
  • Blue Parrot
  • Green Parrot
  • Cyan Parrot
  • Gray Parrot

Each of these Parrots is just a color variant of the same Mob and has the same chance of spawning which is 0.2 in the Jungle Biomes of Minecraft.

This was all about Breeding, Taming, and Feeding Parrots in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Pillager Raids and Best Skins in Minecraft.