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Paper Mario Origami King Trial Of Wisdom Answers (Cheat Sheet)

Get all Trial of Wisdom answers in Paper Mario Origami King in this cheat sheet. Easily complete the Trial quiz with these answers to questions.

Paper Mario: The Origami King has some engaging boss battles but apart from that, it is filled with questions and puzzles that will make you rack your brain. These puzzles are scattered all through the game and when you reach Diamond island, you will encounter the Trial of Wisdom. As the name suggests, it is a trial of your wisdom but we’re here to make things super easy for you. Read our Paper Mario Origami King Trial of Wisdom answers guide till the end.

Trial of Wisdom Answers Guide – Paper Mario Origami King


Here’s the cheat sheet of the Trial of Wisdom quiz along with the rewards for answering correctly. The questions will be based on the game itself and you need to answer True or False. After that, you will get a quiz where you have to talk to three figures and decide who is lying. Check out what you should answer in the True or False quiz:


  • The number of streamers you have cleared so far is three. – True
  • The number of Shell Stones that Mario inserted into the Earth Vellumental Temple was four. – True
  • Every hill in Overlook Mountain has an equal number of uphill and downhill slopes. – True
  • The name of Captain T Ode’s submarine is the Princess Peach. – False
  • The pictures drawn on the first floor of Overlook Tower were of mushrooms and an apple. – False
  • The final stop on the downriver tour is Autumn Mountain. – False
  • One ton of iron is heavier than one ton of cotton. – False
  • Shogun Studios has a photo studio, a tower and a theater. Of all these locations, the theater is the largest. – False
  • Twelve passengers are riding a bus. If five of them get off at their stops, seven people will remain on the bus. – False
  • If you pass the 6th, 5th and 4th place runners in a marathon, you will finish in third place. – False


In case you find these questions too tough, you can lower the challenge by paying 3000 coins. The Easy mode questions are really easy like Mario has a brother? (yes, he does), Mario has a moustache? (yes, again). So you can get the right answers without much thought.

Apart from the Trial of Wisdom, you will have to clear the Trial of Power and Trial of Courage as well. After successfully completing these trials, you will get Orbs. There’s the Wisdom Orb which is the reward for completing the Trial of Wisdom.

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