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Dinkum: How To Get Palm Wood (Location)

Check out our guide on how to get Palm wood in Dinkum.

There’s a wide range of resources and materials to gather in Dinkum. These resources are pretty important to keep your hands on as you progress in the game. Palm Wood is one of these materials that can be used to craft several resources. While they are present in several locations, some players are confused about where to get these materials. So, here’s our guide on how to get Palm Wood in Dinkum.

How to Get Palm Wood in Dinkum (Location)

You can get the Palm Wood by cutting down the Palm trees around the town. All you need to do is equip your axe and strike the Palm tree. As you strike a couple of times, it will drop a Palm seed and Palm Wood. Grab them as both of these materials are quite useful. While the Palm trees are present in abundance, you will find more Palm trees in the northern region of the map. You can also find and get them in areas close to Coast.

dinkum get palm wood

But before you chop down these trees, you might need to complete some prerequisites. Here are the following items you need:

  • Basic Axe: You can purchase a Basic Axe for 1200 Dinks from the NPC John.
  • Logging License: Similar to other professions, you need to get a license from NPC Fletch for 250 Permit points. If you are unable to get it, you can complete the Milestones to get points.

Once you have these above prerequisites, you can chop down any tree for the resources. You can use a Table saw to refine them into Palm Wood Planks. In addition to that, you can also use them in several crafting recipes as well.

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