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Far Cry 6 Paint The Town Gabriel Statue Locations

Read this guide to learn how you can locate and get Gabriel Statues in Paint the Town in FC6.

When playing the Paint the Town Yaran Story in Far Cry 6, you will be tasked with vandalizing 12 Gabriel Statues. Vandalism is a form of protest in the game, making this particular story quite important to complete. Additionally, the story has an important background in the form of it being the dying wish of Zenia Zayas’ father. In order to finish this quest successfully, you will need to know the locations of these statues. In this guide, we will walk you through the entire mission, including where you can find the statues and vandalize them.

Far Cry 6 Paint The Town Gabriel Statues Locations


  • 1st Statue – Near Torre Del Leon Old Pueblo, Esperanza.


  • 2nd Statue – West Lado, Esperanza. To the west of Torre Del Leon.



  • 3rd Statue – West Lado, Esperanza. To the northwest of Torre Del Leon.



  • 4th Statue – Close to the Hotel Paraiso, in West Lado.


  • 5th Statue – Old Pueblo, Esperanza. Near the La Costanera Highway.



  • 6th Statue – On the coast at Old Pueblo. This Gabriel Statue is close to the fifth statue.


  • 7th Statue – Near Barrio Antiguo, and close to the Castillo Canal at Old Pueblo.


  • 8th Statue – You can find this statue quite close to the 7th one.


  • 9th Statue – Once you find and vandalize the 8th statue, just head onto the inner roads very close to Barrio Antiguo to find the 9th Gabriel Statue.


  • 10th Statue – Located in Barrio Antiguo.


  • 11th Statue – Located a little higher from the main location of statue number 10.
  • 12th Statue – You will find this statue close to the Hotel Paraiso.

You can find Statues 1 – 8 on the outer perimeter of the city, whereas you will find statues 9 – 12 inside the restricted inner zone of the city.

You will not know the locations of the statues right until you find them yourself. However, if you do track this story, you will be able to see some of the statues in the form of diamond icons on the map. We recommend that you deface these statues as soon as you see them.

How to Start the Mission?

In order to begin the Paint the Town mission, you will first need to meet Zenia Zayas. You will have to do so when taking part in the Yaran Stories in Madrugada. If you do not want to risk anything, we recommend you first complete the stories that will give you the Senor Pinga tank.

After you complete the said missions, you will need to meet Zayas in her Mercurio Mecanico hideout towards the southwest of Esperanza. After you do so, you will receive the Paint the Town mission. Completing this mission will give you a reward of 100 XP, an Orange Paint Bucket Charm, as well as a Zenia as a Bandido Leader.

The main premise of the quest is to fulfill Zenia’s father’s dying wish to vandalize the very statues that he had crafted. This is because he wants to make amends for his mistakes with the words of Libertad.

And that is just about it. With the help of this guide and detailed walkthrough, you will be able to easily complete the Paint the Town mission in Far Cry 6. Since the locations of the statues do not make themselves known right until the very moment you find them, this mission can prove to be a little tricky for many. With the locations of the Gabriel Statues now written down for you in this guide, you will be able to easily find them and vandalize them. By doing so, you will complete the mission and fulfill the dying wish of Zenia’s father. Additionally, you will also receive some exciting rewards and bonuses for successfully completing the mission.

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