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Far Cry 6 Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt Guide

Read this guide to learn how you can complete the Parting Gifts treasure hunt in FC6.

The Parting Gifts quest is one of the many treasure hunts that you will find when you play Far Cry 6. Of these, this particular hunt is quite complex, and completing it can prove to be quite tricky for many. If you are one of those who are finding it hard to solve the puzzles that make up this treasure hunt, you can stop worrying. In this guide, we will walk you through how you can complete it in detail.

Far Cry 6: How To Complete Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt?



In order to begin the Parting Gifts treasure hunt in Far Cry 6, you need to head to the east of El Este. The exact location is inside the camp of a small farmer. This location is easy to identify, as you will find a box here. This box will contain the plot and explanation of the hunt in the form of a letter.



Quite close to this box, you will find a building that is on fire. Next to this building, you will see a storage room that contains an important gift meant for Dani Rojas.

Getting to this storage room can be tricky for many players. To do so, you need to look for a generator nearby. Once you find the said generator, you need to get inside the building next to the generator, after which you will need to disconnect the generator from the walls. These generators are connected to two different machines. After you do so, you need to attach this generator to a blue truck. You will find this truck nearby, so that should not be an issue.



Now, get into the truck and gently back it up into the hut. Plugging the generator into the hut will help power the water pump located to the left. To turn on the pump, you just need to turn the valve.


By doing so, you will release the water, which will go on to stop the fire. Once the fire has been put out, you need to go inside the burning building and go towards the wall at the back.


On this wall, you will find a vent that has enough space for you to look through it. You should be able to find a lock in the ceiling. Take out your gun and shoot this lock.


Once you do so, head to the roof and look for an open hatch. Once you find the hatch, you will need to look for a key inside it. This key will help you unlock the storage room we mentioned earlier in this guide. You should find the said key on a small wall-mounted cabinet. Once you open this room and collect the items inside, you will successfully complete the Parting Gifts treasure hunt in FC6. You will receive a message that will inform you about your successful completion of the hunt.


And that’s it. While this treasure hunt might appear to be tricky and intimidating at first, it is actually quite simple to solve. What makes this better is the fact that it is also very fun to execute. As long as you follow the steps in this guide, you will be able to solve the hunt quickly and efficiently. To simply summarize this treasure hunt, you need to first acquire a generator that powers a water pump. With the help of the said water pump, you will be able to put out a fire in the burning building. Then, you need to get in and make your way into the storage room by getting its keys from the roof. Doing so helps you acquire several different items.

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