Genshin Impact Paimon Starlight Expedition Answers (Web Event)

Unable to guess the right answers? Check out our guide to find out all the answers for the Paimon Starlight Expedition web event in Genshin Impact.

The Paimon’s Starlight expedition is the most recent web event on Genshin Impact. To celebrate the Original Soundtrack (OST) album of the characters, this web event is all about guessing the tracks of the characters. While you don’t need to answer every track correctly, you get a hefty reward for simply guessing a few characters’ tracks right. But several players are a bit confused about some of the character soundtracks. As it is a limited web event, you need to answer them before the event expires. Not to worry, check out our guide to find out all the Paimon Starlight Expedition Web event answers in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Paimon Starlight Expedition Web Event

The Paimon’s Starlight Expedition quiz started on January 11, 2023, and will end on January 18, 2023. You can play this quiz by heading over to Paimon’s Starlight Expedition web event page on HoYoLab. In total, there are 17 soundtracks of different characters that you have to guess. But you simply need to guess and answer the OST of five characters to get the gift pack for 40 Primogems.

paimon starlight expedition answers

If you guess these theme songs or OST wrong, you will get three hints for each character. The first hint is the notable quote of the character from Genshin Impact that might help you with answering it. While the second can be the name or the introduction of that character.

Paimon’s Starlight Expedition Quiz Hints

So, here are the hints to guess the answers for the first five characters:

Theme Song Question #1 Hint:

  • Feel the power, baby! Wanna see me smash a boulder?
    • I’m the head honcho of the Arataki Gang, and everyone knows my name…s.

Theme Song Question #2 Hint:

  • Good morning. The dew is very sweet today, would you like some?
    • My name is Shenhe. I was born fated to bear the curse of calamity, so I am prone to bring harm to the people around me. The adepti urged me to bind my soul with red ropes to keep my homicidal nature at bay.

Theme Song Question #3 Hint:

  • Trusting another person isn’t easy, especially for someone of high status.
    • Kamisato Ayato, head of the Kamisato Clan. Delight to make your acquaintance.

Theme Song Question #4 Hint:

  • I think you may need my help, and I just so happen to be interested in some information you have.
    • Hello, Traveler. Call me Yelan.

Theme Song Question #5 Hint:

  • Sometimes, you can convey more with dance than words. If you don’t know what to say, then just dance.
    • Hello, I’m Nilou from Zubayr Theater. We have one dance scheduled for today.

All Paimon Starlight Expedition Answers in Genshin Impact

If you are still not able to guess the answers right, check out the below list. Here are all the Paimon Starlight Expedition answers respectively:

  • Track Answer #1: Arataki Itto
  • Track Answer #2: Shenhe
  • Track Answer #3: Kamisato Ayato
  • Track Answer #4: Yelan
  • Track Answer #5: Nilou
  • Track Answer #6: Nahida
  • Track Answer #7: Gorou
  • Track Answer #8: Yun Jin
  • Track Answer #9: Yae Miko
  • Track Answer #10: Kuki Shinobu
  • Track Answer #11: Tighnari
  • Track Answer #12: Collei
  • Track Answer #13: Candace
  • Track Answer #14: Shikanoin Heizou
  • Track Answer #15: Dori
  • Track Answer #16: Cyno
  • Track Answer #17: Layla

As mentioned earlier, you need to answer simply five character tracks to get the x40 Primogems. As you share the results, you will receive the redemption code for the gift pack. Now, head over to their official website or in-game to paste the code and redeem the gift pack. But note that the Primogems rewards are limited to only 3 million Genshin Impact players. So, hurry up to redeem the code!

paimon starlight expedition answers genshin impact

Don’t forget to redeem it before its validity ends on 25th January 2023. Also note, that you can claim this reward only once per UID account. Furthermore, you should be at least on Adventure level 10 or above to activate and claim this gift pack.

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