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How To Fix Armor Bug In Outriders

How to fix the new Armor Bug issue in Outriders.

Outriders has a new Armor related bug in the new patch that launched. This is the same mega patch that Outriders launched with the promise of fixing previous bugs and issues. However, this armor bug has really caught out players as the Vendor inventory values seem to have been jacked up by this issue. Keep reading to find out how to fix this Armor bug in the game.

Outriders Armor Bug Solution


Outriders: Armor Bug Fix And Solution
This is a new bug that arrived with the latest patch update.

As of now, there is no workable fix for this issue. You can have a try by restarting the game on your platform, but, it might not be a concrete fix. Try logging out and logging in again and it might help you to get rid of this bug. We will update this article as soon as we get more information about this bug, so make sure you bookmark the page to keep yourself updated on potential fixes.

What this bug does is reduce the values of your armor in Outrides. Due to this, you end up taking a lot more damage and your survivability rates will fall. On the other hand Vendor armor item stats seem to have increased. The game did acknowledge the problem as soon as the patch was out and has promised fixes in a future maintenance patch. There is no timeframe as of now for this maintenance patch, but we expect one will be rolled out soon as it is a major issue. Outriders is hard to survive as is and this armor issue makes matters worse.


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