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Outriders: How To Find Dr. Zahedi

Here's how to find and rescue Dr. Zahedi in Outriders.

Dr. Zahedi, one of the brightest minds alive, has spent years investigating the Anomaly and attempting to decode the elusive signal. But he still engaged himself in science because it was the only way for him to get off the frontline and stop making difficult decisions. This is humanity’s last chance. Dr. Abraham Zahedi will assist you in tracking down the Anomaly signal, but he has been kidnapped by the Insurgents in the First City. You must locate him. So today see how to find Dr Zahedi in Outriders to unlock all these features.

Where to Find Dr Zahedi in Outriders?

To find Dr Abraham Zahedi in Outriders, you need to save him from First City during the Dedication mission. After the mission, he will be available in your camp. Don’t worry about missing him as Dedication is one of the major missions in the Outriders campaign. You will get it once you beat Gauss and more to the next chapter in the story. You need to save Dr. Zahedi before progressing ahead in the campaign so there is no way to miss him in your gameplay.

Outriders Find Dr Zahedi

On the Outskirts, pursue the waypoint and defeat the first wave of enemies. Proceed on the waypoint and eliminate all enemies in Hilltop and Gallows. To save ammunition and have fewer obstacles when fighting the bigger foes, take out the smaller ones first. The Key to the Entrance will be dropped by the last opponent you kill. Take it and use it to unlock and get through the next door. Insurgents will arrive in two waves, the latter of which will have a Juggernaut Captain. Since the Juggernaut Captain is the last Elite of Dedication,  we could consider him as the quest’s Boss. After that, go to the Radio Tower to save Zahedi.

Dr Zahedi will contribute to your campaign on a frequent basis after you’ve saved him. He’ll appear in every camp inside each new zone. In the trenches, he wouldn’t last a minute. But he is the mastermind who is behind all the crafting and modification options in-game. He will craft your weapons, armors, modify banners, and even vehicles.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find Dr. Zahedi in Outriders. While you are here, also check out more tips & tricks in our Outriders Guides.