Fallout 76 Steel Reign Out Of The Blue Code

Here are clues and hints to find the solution to Out Of The Blue Code in Fallout 76 Steel Reign.

In Fallout 76 Out Of The Blue, you need to enter the correct code to enter a lab.
At Fort Atlas, the main quest “Out of the Blue” begins when Palladin Ramani approaches you and seeks your assistance in searching the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. However, you must “Gain entry to the lab area” roughly halfway through the quest, which asks you to enter in a secret code using a number conversation chart. If you are having trouble finding the codes, here’s how to do get code for the Out of the Blue quest in the Fallout 76 Steel Reign update.

Fallout 76 Out Of The Blue Code

Fallout 76 Out of the Blue Steel Reign Code
Fallout 76 Out of the Blue Steel Reign Code can be collected by using both the hints given by the game.

Out of the Blue Code to gain entry to the lab area in Fallout 76, is:

  • 12 11 22 13
    • Open
  • 8 22 8 26 14 22
    • Sesame
  • 8 22 22 23
    • Seed
fallout 76 out of the blue open sesame seed puzzle code gain access to lab room
Use the Number Conversation Chart to get the code to the lab room.

The first hint is to collect the paper with the code “Open Sesame Seed” note from the table. Then use the number conversation chart on the wall with parallel number codes to each letter. With this, you easily get the secret code and enter it in the keypad. This is 12 11 22 13 – 8 22 8 26 14 22 – 8 22 22 23. Select the code options as the first, second, and third phrase of the password respectively, to open the door to the lab. Then you’ll progress through the underground tunnels, clearing the fake gas leak that has sealed the tunnels’ entrance door. Make sure to have the best weapons and armor. As you will have to clear the area of Strangler Feral Ghoul, & even a Sheepsquatch Imposterling. This might prove tough depending on your level. Finally, investigate the caravan site to complete the Out Of The Blue main quest in Fallout 76 Steel Reign update.

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